Monday, October 29, 2012

Sushi Sunday

So this is what makes a perfect Sunday when it is freezing cold outside:

- A huge cuddly blanket
- A nice couch
- A supergirly movie
- Sweatpants (very important!!!!)
- And last but not least....

....SUSHI!!!!! <3

xx, V

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Show up Fashion Show Borås

some delicious carrot cake for in between the show :-)

It was freezing cold!
Here are some snapshots from the fashion award show. Unfortunately I can't provide any real good pictures (these were all taken by cellphone) as silly me left the charged battery for the camera at home. You guys can't imagine how pissed I was (even though it doesn't show in the pics hehe) since I even put a post it on my pinboard to remind me to put the battery back into my cam after I was at this cool event and didn't even get to take proper pictures even though the designs on the runway were so cool...meh! Another letdown was that at the fashion show they handed out goodie bags and mine was the only one hat missed the eyeshadow palette provided by sponsor Nelly. Kind of sucks...then again I just pretend it is bad quality anyways! So this week I guess I won't be able to post too much as I have these giant exam ahead of me and I still haven't started learning...jajajajaja...i have a motivation problem until I have a time problem...story of my life folks :-)

 xoxo, V

Menswear and other things...

So I don't know why, but recently I've really been into mensfashion! Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am currently writing a business plan for swedish menswear brand 'Ljung' but ever since I've moved here I find myself looking at the mens section in stores and also online. For example, Tshirts are soooo incredibly much better in the men's department at H&M than in the women's department! Not only the quality of the garment but also fit and cut. And they are often also cheaper. So I really recommend to shop at the men's section at H&M if you find yourself looking for a simple shirt. But I also like ASOS's menswear, especially when it comes to sweaters. So yesterday I ordered from the ASOS online store. Inititally I wanted to buy a Filippa K bag from Nelly but for some reason it didn't work after several tries. And since ASOS not only has sale but also a 20% discount code...why not?! SoI bought this fierce Sweater together with a cool House of Harlow inspired necklace and cat eye shades. And altogether I paid 49€ plus free shipping. I think thats reasonable haha
Do you ever shop men's clothing? And if so, where do you buy it?

xx, V

Friday, October 26, 2012

Don't Rain on my Parade!

TGIF Ladies! :-)
Yesterday I was at the Show Up Fashion Award Show for up and coming young designers and boy there was shitloads of talent right there. I saw a lot of clothes from the runway that I would wear effective immediately!!! Unfortunately I didn't make it all to the end when the winner of the Fashion Award was declared. It is so frikkin cold here in Sweden and I had to go home because I was freezing to I have a lot of school work to do. And if u know me, u know, I usually only function properly under time pressure...well ladies, I am under immense time pressure here. I am supposed to read and learn 2 books until next Friday and prepare this major presentation for the Ljung Business Case that I am writing with a bunch of other lovely ladies from my university. And my motivation levels for learning these 2 books could actually be higher, frankly speaking....however, as per usual, I am getting distracted wayyyy to much by other things. For example, ever since I re-discovered "The Outnet" I am wondering if I should buy that fierce leoprint dress by Markus Lupfer and that amazing grey skirt by Michael Kors (both extremely discounted). In addition they have that amazing black leather belt from ACNE. Oh and did I mention that Nelly had this super amazing stunningly pretty Filippa K black leather bag?! Jeez....where's the money trees when u need them?! But a nice black leather bag is definitely on my "to-buy" agenda of the moment. High quality is the keyword. I want something I can carry around all my life and we all know that's not gonna happen with a H&M/Gina Tricot bag! Hmm....maybe I should just order the bag?! Buth then again, I also saw this pretty black coat and sweater at Nelly....Oh my, shopping addiction all over again :D But hey, I really really need all those things right?! RIGHT?! hahahahahaha

xx, V

Thursday, October 25, 2012

What's in my Bag?

Gosh....what us women be without our bags, right?! I once heard that in a lifetime, women spend approximately 1 year of their lifes just searching for something in their bags....dunno if it is true but even half as much would just be crazy haha Then again, don't we always carry our entire lifes with us in a bag?! I always wonder how guys just do with only their wallets and cellphones! I mean, I feel like I need so much more throughout a day haha So here is what I usually carry with me at all times:
- Mango quilted bag (my favourite at the moment!)
- My Mango wallet  with lot's of space for cards...exactly what I need
- My Clinique facial powder as my face always becomes shiny throughout the day no matter what
- A Notebook (addicted to notebooks btw haha) and a pen (this injection one is from my old  university)
- My keys, attached to my lovely swarosvki keychain :-)
- My cellphone (duh!)
- A nailfile....I get crazy when my nails break and I can't file them!!!
- Lipgloss/Lipbalm and cuticle cream as my cuticles dry out like crazy during fall and winter
- Handcreme is an absolute MUST! for me
- Sunglasses and my normal glasses (yes, technically I am almost blind hahahahahaha)

So what do you always carry around with you at all times?

xx, V

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Red Velvet

This is one dress in my collection that definitely stands out from the rest. According to my roomie Sandy it has some sort of gothic vibe and I actually like that reference. This might come to a shock to some but in my early teens I had this huge goth phase where I would dress up mostly in black,sometimes red with tons of eyeliner and eyeshadow and, of course, black long hair. Well I was most certainly channeling Amy Lee from Evanescence at the time, who was a big Idol of mine at the time (and I still love her music!). So yeah, maybe that's why I instantly had to buy the dress last year when I saw it at Forever 21?! Haha who knows, maybe there still is a little punk/goth somewhere inside of me that from time to time wants to peack through haha Anyways, I really like the dress. And I like the scenery of this photo with all the boxes and factory stuff in the back. We definitely live in a versatile area in terms of shooting pictures don't we?! What makes it even more fun is that we basically have access to most of the surroundings as we have the key haha Btw I am wearing my Bunny-ear headband in these shoots...just in a different way. Was definitely worth the 1€ I paid for it at primark LOLz

xx, V

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Review: LUSH 'Retread' Conditioner

So recently I reviewed LUSH's 'Big' shampoo and now it's time for this little magic pot of conditioner. I already hinted in the last Review that I really love this conditioner and well folks, I do! This is so different from all the regular drugstore conditioners out there and I feel like it's the only one that can actually really make my split ends disappear to some extent while not weighing my hair down and making it greasy! So what is in it?
-seaweed and lanolin as a base
-soy milk for proteins in your hair
-olive, jojoba and avocado oils for nutrition
-melon juice and yoghurt to add shine

I really like that this conditioner does NOT contain any silicones, which in the long run usually damage your hair more than they actually help! On another note, while in the shower, this might not give you the typical conditioning effect which instantly makes your hair feel soft which can tempt you to use more than you actually need. This conditioner's effect is most visible once you rinse out the water and even more so once your hair is dry. It makes my brittle, damaged ends so soft and my hair is left smelling divine (though I heard the smell is not everyone's cup of tea!). I really recommend this conditioner for dry hair that has been a bit neglected and tortured due to colorations and heat styling tools! So far I've used 3 of these whenever I feel my hair needs that little extra treatment and it has never let me down. Definitely one of my staple, go-to products from LUSH. And even though it's on the pricey side it lasts ages because you need so little for every hairwash. You can easily get 3-4 months out if it! (at least I do!).

What hair treatments do you guys use? Any recommendation?

xx, V

Monday, October 22, 2012

Oh no it's Monday

Let's start the week with some fun videos. Gosh, Jimmy Kimmel is such a Genius :-)

Lot's of love and may friday come as quickly as possible!

xx, V

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I bare it all in my chest...

Just another rainy day in Boras...that is! This time it poured so heavily, I almost couldnt look straight into the camera as you might can see haha Anyways, I wore my Gina Tricot shirt with the chest print, my beloved Fashion against Aids Jeansshorts, lots of Jewelry and of course my hat. I think if i could, I would wear it to sleep hehe So today I have a shitload of stuff today since I've been playing lazy ass the entire yesterday (u know, watching TV, a movie, chit chat with the roomies, grocery shopping...the list of distraction is endless!) today I have to finish a seminar paper which must be one of the most boring things to do, I always have a war in my mind to quote Lana haha But what I am looking forward to...SHOPPING! One of the things I love about Sweden, there is always some place u can shop on a Sunday. So today we go furniture and decoration shopping for our respective rooms and then I need to go to this one shop where they have all this gimmicky stuff like funny notebooks and mugs, etc. And you know, I am a hard supporter of the "I'll never grow up" fraction so of course I like fun stuff like that LOLz

Happy Sunday y'all, V

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Hey guys, I started a facebook page for my Blog which will be updated regularly as I want to communicate more with my readers who I cherish so dearly! Just follow the link to like my page and stay updated on what's happening in my life and to communicate with me. I am also thinking of maybe uploading some videos in the near future :-)

xx, V

A glimpse...

...of today's outfit! More up on the Blog tomorrow. Stay tuned fellas :-) I love all my readers. Thank you for being so awesome and taking the time to read whatever stupid stuff I come up with haha

Take care, V

Friday, October 19, 2012

Fight in the Rain

So the rain is back. And with a venegance at that! It was almost impossible to take pictures! But then again, I had to show u guys my newest purchases....aka the green Beanie and my absolutely fierce new dress that I purchased from Lindex for only 200SEK! I love how they color coordinate together. And well the Beanie, I had to have it! ASOS has it in all colors of the rainbow but the green one striked me the most! Especially since it goes wonderfully with my red hair :-) Today I have a lot of University stuff to do but also I need to catch up on some much needed sleep as I couldnt sleep last night for some weird reason. Usually I am the freezing kind, meaning that I am more than willing to pay shitloads of money just so that I can keep the heater on 24/7 during wintertime...last night however, I felt so hot, I had to sleep with both windows open (temperatures were maybe 2-3 above zero!!!) and without a blanket cuz I felt like I was burning alive....what is that supposed to mean? Am I going crazy....yikes! :-D But maybe it was just the cinnamon firing me up after the 10 cinnabun rolls I ate hahaha maybe I shouldnt do that again LOLz

xx, V

ps.: TGIF!!! Hell to the yeah! Gothenburg I am coming for you!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

What I can eat...

...well let's put this straight. I love food and I ain't one of those girls that pretends she feels stuffed after one bite of food. I can eat shitloads of stuff. Heck, I can even eat more than my dad. It's like my stomach is a bottomless pit :-D So what did I do today? I ATE 10 CINNABUNS! Yes you're reading right!!!! Cinnabuns or as the swedish may call it kanelbullen are very popular where I live now. They're probaby the Apfelstrudel of Sweden. And you can get them at every corner and even frozen. So yeah, I bought a pack of frozen ones today and like a lil' kid I ate them all at once. That's just how I am haha Fun fact, I don't even feel full at all, if I'd have some left I could probably eat more LOLz

xx, V

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Here are some recent pictures from my Instragram "vmarton":

Follow me on instagram to stay updated ;-)

xx, V

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New In: OPI James Bond Skyfall Mini Collection

So I ordered these a while ago and when I finally got them I was excited like a lil' kid on xmas! Whoop whoop been waiting for these like forever! Such pretty colors. The kit consists of the following colors:

1. GOLDENEYE which is the most beautiful and unique gold color I have EVER seen!!! It has more of an orange gold tone to it and it shimmers that you feel like getting blinded by it. Definitely the highlight of the entire collection and the main reason why I ordered the kit :-)

2. THE SPY WHO LOVED ME is a classic red with shimmer not glitter. It's kind of a pillar box red that reflects the light beautifully because of the shimmer elements in it. Great color for the winter/xmas time!

3. THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH is a silver color with different colored chunks of glitter that give it the most exquisit metallic finish, changing color depending on the light from subtle silverish-green to a pinky-lilacish-silver (haha my wording LOLz).

4. LIVE AND LET DIE is a veeeeeeeeery dark green that appears almost black on the nails with gold shimmer in it. Just magical. I love the color and the consistency (one layer of color is enough!!!) and definitely prefer this over the typical black nailpolish.

All in all I love all the colors of the collection so dearly and can't wait to use them all during winter time. I bought it via beautybay for around 15€ (shipping is free worldwide!) and I really think you get great value for money so maybe some of you want to check it out. For me the James Bond collection is one of the best collections OPI has ever come out with!

xx, V

Monday, October 15, 2012


So here is the much talked about Brad Pitt ad for the infamous Chanel fragrance that is actually made for women. I don't really know what to make of this commercial?! Somehow it feels a bit pretentious and fake-artsy to me?! I mean it definitely an out-of-the box commercial...but I just don't get the message other than Chanel N°5 stood the test of time. I personally don't like the fragrance at all and since I think Brad Pitt is one of the most boring men on earth...we, maybe it is a fit after all :D

What do you guys think about the commercial?

xx, V

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Streetstyle Fierceness

Here are some of my favourite streetstyle pictures from recent events and fashion weeks all over the world:

Be inspired!

xx, V