Friday, November 30, 2012

Sexy back...

Lately I've been obsessing over dresses that have...well, a sexy back haha You know, that are either open or have some sort of jewelry or embellishment in the back. I guess one of the reasons is that I still don't have an outfit for new years eve and this year I want it to be somewhat more spectacular than the last know, the perfect mixture between sexy and sophisticated and somewhat special. But that is harder than imagined since I am usually not the biggest fan of glittery/bright/eye-catching dresses as black and simple is usually my credo when picking know, something that I can also wear on other occassions. And even so, my "party"outfits always end up somewhat casual since I like to feel comfy when out dancing. Which might also be the reason why I always find myself in front of the closet lamenting that I don't have anything to wear when picking outfits for a night out. So yeah, for the next weeks I am on a mission to find the perfect partydress. We'll see how successful I'll be. Until then, I can always look at those pictures and dream HA!
What are you going to wear on New Years Eve?

xx, V

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Flower Power ftw!

It feels kind of odd that now that winter is practically around the corner (sorry Boras but rain and wind does not qualify as winter!)..I find myself wearing kind of springy-ish clothing. You know, pastels like in the last post and now this flower shirt. I guess the crazy weather results in crazy dressing haha
Anyways, was shopping with my roomie today for some supermega awesome xmas presents...they have this amazing store here with the coolest and most gimmicky stuff for your home and I ended up buying some really cool stuff for my girl Nina. I just love buying christmas presents for others and I always somewhat end up making a science out of it...but I really enjoy it more giving presents to others and seeing their faces than actually gettin' some myself (not that I mind though haha!). So well, at least I am one person down when it comes to presents...only like a million more to go! :-O
And time runs by so fast!!! What about you? Are you more of a earlybird at present shopping or last minute?

xx, V

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas food

Usually around Christmas time I would bake some classic biscuits...but I don't really am in the mood for baking (not that I ever really am anyways haha....but you got to get those biscuits from somewhere right?!) and then I stumbled across this picture in the most awkward place (in that context) Yes, I do confess it is my guilty pleasure to fill my head with useless celebrity gossip but apparently there is lots of other stuff to find haha and so I ended up obsessing over this picture. Those strawberry snowman are to die for and I am seriously considering making them sometime soon...if I somehow manage to get a hold of big and nice looking strawberries :-D
What do you bake/cook/etc. during Christmas time? Any recipes?

xx, V

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A winter full of pastels

So what better way to enjoy a Sunday than in Candy Colors when everything outside just screams "grey"?! This is probably what you would find me in on Sundays, being outside. Of course, at home there is a strict sweatpants policy that I follow at all costs hehe Anyways, time passes and Christmas is approaching like superfast. But for some reason I ain't even close to being in Xmas mood. Even though the countdown to Christmas is on and the coming weekend will be what we call "2. Advent" back at home where u lit candles and eat biscuits. I guess, once I'll be with my mum - who has a habit of heavily supporting electricity companies by lighting up our house as if there were no tomorrow - the christmasey feeling will set in. At least I hope so. I mean if everything fails I can always eat tons of gingerbread, drink christmas tea and listen to that stupid Last Christmas song by The Wham that they always play each year until you want to crawl into your radio and bitchslap the DJ :-D haha
So what do you guys do to get in christmas mood?

xx, V

Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas on my fingers!

Boy, these weekends pass faster each time right? Kind of like, the sooner we come to year's end, the sooner weekends are over :-/ Anyways, in 2 weeks time I will wake up in a hopefully snowy Germany yaaayyy I can't wait. This picture here is a snapshot from Sunday's pictures focusing on my favourite thing in HA! More on the outfit tomorrow :-)

xx, V

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Tunes

Another Sunday, this means another Top 5 of my favourite Songs this week :-)

Have a lovely Sunday everybody!

xx, V

Saturday, November 24, 2012


So just a regular rainy day what?! Oh gosh I tell you guys time is flying by so fast! In just about 2 weeks I am going to see my lovely family again, playing with my little sisters and brothers, baking Xmas biscuits with my mum (though I probably focus more on eating rather than making them LOLz), lying around on the couch, going nuts at the Zara christmas sale, meeting friends.....ahhhh good times I tell ya! But until then it's work, work, work! Next Friday I have a fieldtrip to Stockholm. Kind of nice to be able to check out the city beforehand since I will spend New Years Eve over there. So far I've heard only nice things about the city and I am sure it won't dissapoint. And hey, every place where it only rains half as much as here is already a winner in my book haha So today I wore one of my favourite Leo dresses (Zara duh!) but with a Sweater on top as well as my beloved Forever 21 sheepfur vest. And to sum it up, lots of jewelry since my motto is "more is more" which is why I look like a christmas tree 24/7 and of course my bright gold clutch from Asos. The boots you've already seen a lot. I just love them. Very comfy and very cool. I definitely have to check out Disnko once I am in Stockholm. They have majorly fierce shoes for really good prices :-)
Jajajajjaaja, shopping!!!

I wish everyone a lovely weekend, V

Friday, November 23, 2012


Here's a little preview of what's to come on Saturday! TGIF everybody.

Lots of love, V

ps.: Wollt ihr an einer tollen Blogvorstellung teilnehmen? Dann einfach mal hier vorbeischaun ;-)

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Gosh, a girl can never have enough shoes can she?!
The weekend's almost here ;-)

xx, V

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

50 shades of Grey 2.0

OMG I really need a haircut haha My fringe is way too long! And those fried ends...thank you very much ombre hair! Anyways, shot these pics and thankfully we were spared from the usual rain here. I still have to figure out why on earth it rains that much here and how it is possible that we are still not living on boats?! At this point I'd even rather have 1m of snow than any rain. Like seriously! So I am thinking of going to either Gothenburg or Stockholm this weekend. Then again, I'll be in Stockholm next weekend for a fieldtrip that is paid for by university (hurrrayyyy!) and of course on New Year celebrating with my girl Nina :-)
Haha but apart from that I am drowning in school work. So many books to read, reports to write, projects to finish. The weeks leading up to Xmas are going to be nothing less than INTENSE! But I like to be challenged and I most certainly like to be occupied. And hey, those are fashion related assignments so they are at least interesting and fun to work with :-)

xx, V

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Welcome to the 21st century

picture here

Since my laptop slowly but surely is on death row and I kind of like to be able to surf the internet at all times, take notes without having to always carry notebooks for different classes with me and I sometimes find myself bored and lusting for "entertainment" I got myself an early Xmas present: A tablet! Whoop whoop. And since I am an avid non-supporter of the "overpriced no real value for money" APPLE fraction I decided to get myself a tablet for a decent price with the same exact functions as an Apple tablet but with Android. And so I ended up buying the Prestigio multipad 5080 pro in 8.4 inches and I do not regret it, AT ALL!!!
This little device has been accompanying me to all kinds of university lectures and it is just so useful. Its kind of a lovechild between a notebook and a smart phone and is just so handy. I can read Ebooks, surf the internet, have an office program, can skype, listen to music, watch movies, write emails and play games. I just love it! And the pad also came with a very fierce black/red tablet case! In addition the battery last for 9 hours straight if you constantly (!) use it. That means that you can practically go for 2 days (or even more) if you don't play with it 24/7! And I didn't  have to pay the ridiculous 500€ that Apple demands but a mere 170€ incl. delivery charges. Take that Apple!!!

xx, V

Monday, November 19, 2012

Favourites: Nail Polish

It's been a while since I had a beauty related post and I thought I would share with you my current favourite nail polishes for the fall/winter season :-)

pictures here
So from top to bottom:

CHANEL "Peridot": A very famous monochromatic color that changes from golden brown to green. I don't think I have to say too much about this as probably everybody knows it. Only downside for me is the quality as this polish chips of at the second day the latest, sometimes even on the day I applied it. Given the rich price, kinda sad! The color is stunning and unique nonetheless!
MANHATTAN "Rodeo drive" from the Blogger's edition. I really loooove this polish. Is has slight silver glitter hues in it and is a very unique kind of minty kind of muddy green?! Almost like seafoam? I don't know. And it stays on my nails perfectly. Given that this one was on 3.50€ this is major!!!
ESSIE "Mink muffs" is another famous color. Out of all the mud colors out there, this is by far my favourite! Gorgeous color for fall and top quality. The only thing I don't like with my bottle is that it doesn't have the new Essie application brush which is way better. But once I used this one up and I repurchase, this won't bother me anymore haha
OPI "Goldeneye" from the James Bond edition is the MOST GORGEOUS and unique gold I have EVER come across. This really looks like pure gold on your nails and it shines and sparkles and oh my, I am in love! Definitely give this one a try. Perfect color for Xmas and New Year's if u ask me :-)
ESSIE "Wicked": A rich burgundy red with a gel finish. This one is definitely THE red staple color for fall and winter. Looks like blood on your nails and the finish is just so pretty. In addition it is fully opaque with just 2 coats and dries very quickly. One of my all time favourite red colors. Very sexy in my book ;-)

So what are your favourite nail polishes for fall?

xx, V

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Tunes

So I've decided to have some kinda new regular Blog thing like the one I had on my old Blog called "Manic Monday"...well now you have "Music Sunday". From now on every Sunday I'll try to post my top 5 favourite songs of the week, starting...RIGHT NOW:

Have a lovely Sunday everybody! Lots of love, V

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Orange hues

So a time ago I did a review on Lush's "Big" shampoo and how it fades out your haircolor if you used coloration and stuff...well ladies and gents: here's the result. Slowly but surely my bright red faded and now I am left with what one could probably classify as "carrot top" haha. Not that I really mind though...this carrot red looks more ... "natural" I guess hehe. Anyways, since winter is approaching fast here I am thinking about changing my hair once again. I definitely need a new haircut or at least some cut (u know, to get rid of those nasty split ends) and maybe even a new color?! For now I like my carrot hair though and intend to keep it at least for a little while longer. They say after all that Blondes might have more fun, but redheads have the most fun out of all of 'em LOLz

Happy Saturday y'all, V

Friday, November 16, 2012

The retarded Leg!

Well well...Lord knows I sometimes have my moments where I am so clumsy that the stupidest things happen to me. That being said, I hurt my leg...or better said my big toe, when doing a pedicure. You might wonder how one can do that?! Well, I have those really pointy and sharp scissors and I slipped and BAM! I cut my toe. And luckily as I am, it got infected and now I barely fit into my shoes since said toe shines in all the colors of the rainbow in all its swollen glory and hence, the retarded walk haha So girls, the photoshoot the other day was a hard piece of work since I wasn't my usual energetic self as I could barely move and my leg hurt so badly...guess that's the hardship of being a Blogger LOLz anyways, I am seriously considering leaving the house in my Minnie Mouse Home slippers/boots since those are practically the only ones that really fit me right now haha Talk about a fashion revolution, I could try to make this a trend haha :-D
Anyways, the gist of this story: I won't be doing my pedicure on my own anytime soon again or I need to at least get more me-friendly scissors ^^

xx, V

ps.: Full outfit post coming at ya tomorrow!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

David La Chapelle

In one of our projects for university we are supposed to write about our favourite photographers. Well, let's say I have a couple favourite ones but probably my most favourite must be David La Chapelle! This guy is just a genius! I love how he combines the pretty with the ugly, the outrageous with the ordinary, the crazy and the funny all in one pic. I've never seen one photography of him that didnt strike me and got me thinking and staring at it! Definitely a god given talent for photography if u ask me and one hell of an imagination :-)

xx, V