Saturday, September 28, 2013


For all the tea lovers out there I might just found the best damn thing in the world..5 Cups and some sugar. It's a website where you can mix your own tea and the end result comes in cute packages like above, made from recycled paper. So you're doing something good for yourself and the environment...yayyy to that. The company ships to the entire EU but also mentions on their website (which is in german) that they could ship to other countries if required. When the weather gets colder outside, Tea is always a must for me. Plus, I try to find ways to cut back on my excessive coffee consumption so this website kind of is a godsend..and who doesn't like to customize stuff themselves?! I sure do. So for now I made 3 mixtures of tea of my own:

  • Vacation in a Cup (u can name the tea yourself!): contains Rooibus Superior, exotic fruits mix, coconut, hibiscus, apple and rose petals....yummy!
  • Autumn Deluxe: contains White tea, fennel, orange zest, cinnamon, sage, cranberry and cactus flower
  • Autumn: contains Honeybush tea, liquorice, apple, jasmine, sweet cumin
I think these teas also make supercute presents! Check it out :-)

xx, V

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Black from H to T

What can I is just the best color for getting dressed! And the least complicated one cuz it gives you all the freedom for going overboard on the accessorizing side. My shirts is actually from the H&M menswear section. I talked about it earlier how simple T-shirts are just so much better in the menswear department, quality/price ratio wise and this shirt/blouse is no exception. Plus I really dig menswear proportions, I think they often fit me better.

Do you ever buy menswear for yourself?

xx, V

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Just another crappy outfit post

I hate doing crappy outfit post like this just in front of my mirror but that's all I can give you now...I just don't have the time to go out on weekends searching for a nice location dragging my friends around and begging them to shoot my outfit...maybe the day will eventually come when I find more time to do this again but for now you have to bare with me :))

xx, V

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Tuesday Book Club: Bobby Brown Beauty

Another Tuesday, another book presentation. This time I talk about:


I absolutely love Bobby Brown products (I have a couple of brushes which are totally worth the money and the infamous BB Shimmer Bricks) and when I stumbled across this book on Amazon it was a no brainer to purchase it. It is not only a book that gives great Beauty advice and how-to's but also features different Beauty Icons from the past to present and general insight on Bobby Brown's opinion on Beauty and also inner beauty, aka health and positive attitude. I can totally recommend this book to any Make-up lover but also beginner's in terms of using and applying make-up as it really has insightful, good tips on how to make the most out of your features but also on how to stay true to yourself. And absolute beauty read my fellow addicts :-)

What Beauty books do you guys recommend?

xx, V

Monday, September 23, 2013

Red Alert!

Last week I showed you my favourite nude nail polished, this week I show you my favourite reds that I wear year round. Typically if I am not wearing nude, I very likely will wear red on my nails as I find it superclassy and it goes along with all my clothes and adds a pop of color:

ESSIE "Fifht Avenue" has been the first Essie nailpolish I ever purchased and it may very well be my favourite out of all I own. It is a very bright, opaque red with an orange undertone which is why - for me - it is THE color for summer. Nonetheless I wear this all year as I just love how it pops against my clothes but also because it looks good on my skin color. This one is definitely an eyecatcher. On the plus side, this one is basically opqaue in just one coat, for my liking I always wear 2 coats anyways. Drying time is great also! A job well done Essie :)

Deborah Lippmann "Supermodel" was designed in collaboration with supermodel (duh!) Dree Hemingway and I am absolutely obsessed with this one. It is a jelly finish meaning it will never be opaque but lets your natural nail line shine through. Nonetheless it is absolutely gorgeous and the finish makes the color even brighter than it is. This is definitely the best red nail polish in terms of color I came across so far. The application and drying time is superb, the only MAJOR let down of this one is that it chips way too easily. A very good topcoat is an absolute must or this polish comes off withing hours. I know that this is a turn-off to a lot of people and I never wear it longer than 1-2 days but the color and finish is just too gorgeous for me not to wear it. I am thinking of purchasing the infamous Seche Vite fast drying topcoat and I hope with this one Supermodel lasts longer.

ESSIE "Wicked" is another very famous color by this line and for me it's the perfect autumn/winter red. It is very rich and dark up to the point that it almost looks black when in darker rooms which is why this one reminds me of Chanel's "Rouge noir". I think this color is super sexy but in an elegant way. It goes on perfectly in 2 coats and drys in a normal fashion. The only thing I highly recommend with this one is base coat as it can stain your nails plus it can get a bit messy when removing it. But that's all worth it because there is a reason why this is such a popular Essie nailpolish.

What are your favourite red nailpolishes? Any recommendation?

xx, V

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013

Where ur homies at?

Finally it is mine...the super duper fierce and ferosh Brian Lichtenberg "Homiés" Sweater. I've been dying to get my hands on it for ever with the sweater always being sold out on So what to do? I just ordered it from Brian Lichtenberg's home page. I was already prepared to wait for this gem forever due to it getting stuck at customs and then having to pay shitloads of customs like I had to for my order but NAH!!! Got this one for just 79€ and no customs at all. The price on netaporter is 114€ I believe. Talk about (birthday) money well invested. Already know I am going to wear the shit out of this one...

xx, V

Thursday, September 19, 2013


An all meine deutschen und österreichischen Leser, ich habe meinen Kleiderschrank ausgemistet und verkaufe einige Sachen auf Kleiderkreisel (unter anderem auch Nagellack und Accessoires), bei Interesse einfach mal reinschauen unter:

Love, V

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Naked Nails

If you know me then you probably know I am a sucker for neutral, nude nails. Since I have what I consider "baby nails" - meaning they're supertiny and short - I love the effect nude nailpolish gives me as it elongates and most importantly enlarges my natural nails. Plus, it always goes along perfectly with everything I wear and whatever make up I put on my face. So I though I share with you my beloved nude nail polishes that I regularly switch between:

Manhattan "Sparkly Nude" is a very pale, almost withe-ish nude with veeery fine golden shimmer which is only noticeable in the sunlight. I like this one for the mere fact that it is a bit more "in your face" than my other nude nailpolished given that it is so light but bold in color. It takes me 2 coats to make it look nice which is what I commonly put on anyways and the only downside to this one is the rather long drying time which is why this one I wear the least out of my four faves!

Ciaté "Cookies and Cream" is my absolute favourite nail polish. This is pure nude perfection. I wear this basically all the time and it makes my nails look healthy and perfectly manicured which is exactly what I want to achieve when I put the effort into painting my nails. This one goes on very sheer at first coat so the first time I applied this I was almost shocked and feared I would have to layer up to 5 coats to get this opaque. But this is not the case. At the second coat this already gets a very good color pay off and for perfection I always apply 3 coats. The positive thing is that this one dries super fast and also lasts very long. LOVE!!

O.P.I. "Samoan Sands" is just as the name already reaveals a nice sand colored nude. I love to wear this when I have a tan which is why one can rarely see it on my nails during winter time. Nonetheless this is a majorly gorgeous color that I can highly recommend. I typically wear 2-3 coats of this, depending on how opaque I want this to be as the formula of this polish is very thin. Drying time I would say is pretty good as well, so is lasting time. I hope OPI never discontinues this one!

Sally Hansen "Choco Latte" is the darkest nude in my collection but not less gorgeous. I wear this one year round and it is one of my favourites out of my huuuge nail polish collection. It dries superfast, is opaque at only 2 coats and stays on forever. I put this one whenever I feel like wearing nude but wanting more of a contrast to my skin color. I think it looks so chic and classy.

Which one's are your favourite nude nail polished?

xx, V

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Tuesday Bookclub: Design Sponge at Home

Since my Blog is supposed to be not only about fashion I thought I start a new section, called the Tuesday Book Club. This decision came after a period of major lack of inspiration and unwillingness to take care of my Blog and post anything for that matter (you might have noticed haha!) and when I thought my Blog was losing quality in content and basically got really boring...just to be clear, the books I will introduce each Tuesday are not all about fashion, some of the are about design, some of them are super NERDY, high in content, bed time reads...and so on...just books I love and thought I should share with the world. So without further ado, here's the first one to start this column:

GRACE BONNEY -  Design Sponge at Home

I bought this book during my stay in Sweden and I absolutely love it!! It's an interior design book featuring all kinds of insights into different homes all over the world and how the home owners styled it. It further features lots of tips for your own home and in the back of the book there is a major DIY section which basically made the decision for me to actually purchase this book. It really gives me so much inspiration as to how to decorate my own apartment or what my future apartment will look like should I ever win the know! Plus, the book actually looks super fancy, hence it makes an awesome coffee table book...WIN WIN if you ask me.

What Interior/Home Design Books do you love?

xx, V

Monday, September 16, 2013

An old friend

Today has been the first time in like forever that I made use of my beloved Cambridge Satchel again. I had it on my shelf as sort of decoration and even though I'd practically look at it every day it never came to me to actually use it ever since I got back from Sweden. Kinda stupid heh?! Anyways, today I decided to go for it and add some color to my typically rather bland and monochrome outfits and wearing the bag reminded me of how much I actually love it. It is super practical, I can fit in all my stuff and it just looks so cute. The only thing to keep in mind with bags like those is that they do not like bad weater, meaning rain or the very severe cold. I unfortunately had to experience the latter myself like 2 winters ago when temperatures very untypically fell 25 below zero degrees and the leather of my bag actually started cracking which is why - if looking closely - you can see the damage caused by that...stupid me! When I came home almost crying my mum was just looking at me like "..but honey, isn't it like common knowledge that true leather doesn't like ice cold weather?!" ...well it wasn't too me! Btw, tomorrow I start a new section on this Blog called "The Tuesday book club" so stay tuned for that :)

Happy Monday's

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Shabby Shic reloaded

Gotta love cleaning out your closet and finding gems like these cropped jeans. They're so comfy and kinda effortlessly cool! Not to mention I've been having these for ages but barely wore them...stupid me :-D