Monday, May 27, 2013

Sorry for my absense!

Its finals week and I am shitting my pants so to speak about Wednesday's exam...I have no clue how its going to be and just as usual I have this guilty feeling of having started with everything way too late...which is why until Wednesday 9am in the morning I am on damage control mode :-D Hence, no blogging, no internet, no nothing:

Wish me luck guys!

xx, V

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Print the s*** out of it!


For those who know're aware of my usual "color-blindness", meaning I am someone who dresses rather simple and monotone when it comes to color. So far I mostly stayed away from printed garments and if I use color I typically wear lots of black with it to balance it out. For the sake of my mind, though! Because I do in fact admire people that can mix all sorts of colors and print and look fabulous. However, recently I've been really into colors (blue most notably!) and now it's also itching in my fingers to get me some heavy printed pieces. I don't know why but I feel like this summer I wanna go all crazy with prints and decorate myself like a xmas tree jewelry wise and just be...a hobo :-D Does that make sense? Anyways, I found these amazing clothes on ASOS (duh!) and immediately put them on my wishlist. Maybe one or the other finds its way into my summer wardrobe!

Wer mich kennt der weiß dass ich in der Regel eher Abstand halte von zu knalligen Farben oder Farbkombinationen und eher die klassische Schwarz-weiß-grau Variante bevorzuge. Print-Mode besitze ich generell eher wenig bis gar nicht. Wie auch immer, in letzter Zeit steh ich total auf Farben aller Art (am liebsten Blau!) und seit kurzem bin ich auch ganz besessen davon mir jede Menge bunte, Print-Mode zu kaufen mit allen möglichen Mustern usw. Ich könnte mich in jedem einzelnen dieser Kleidungsstücke hier sehen, behängt mit Schmuck wie ein Christbaum :-D Keine Ahnung ob das Sinn macht, aber jedenfalls wanderten alle oben geposteten Sachen schon mal auf meiner ASOS Wunschliste und hoffentlich schaffts das eine oder andere auch in meinen Schrank!

xx, V

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hippie for a day

...because deep inside, we are all flower children!

Happy Thursday, V

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blown away!

Jeez the weather is really not nice right now...rather cold and extremely windy! I think the picture above describes my way of dressing perfectly...yes, this is my winter coat. The pic was actually taken like 2 weeks ago by my roommate with her cell when we where taking a Sunday walk to get the much hated alcohol out of our system (hence the former brown hair!). Anyways, I'd need my coat right now as well if I could dare to actually go outside...luckily for me (irony!)...I have to finish an exam this week, prepare a presentation for Monday and start reading that goddamn book for my exam next week :-O

Das Wetter ist im Moment echt beschissen, Regen, kalter und sehr starker Wind und kaum Sonne...daher passt das 2 Wochen alte Foto ganz gut. Immerhin müsste ich jetzt auch meinen MANTEL tragen wenn ich es wagen würde einen Fuß vor die Tür zu setzen..."glücklicherweise" bin ich diese Woche und auch nächste mit Arbeit eingedeckt da Prüfungswochen anstehen sowie die Abgabe diverser Arbeiten und Präsentationen...jaja, das liebe Studentenleben! Back to Business :-O

xx, V

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Update: A Food Project

So just as I promised, an update on the food situation. What did I lear from this week? Well, I definitely can't make it without carbs entirely. Especially in the morning I feel like I need some sort of carb infusion in the form of wholegrain bread or something similar. That being said, I definitely feel like eating less carbs makes me feel better overall. Despite my initial belief, I never once felt like I was actually starving nor did it feel like I am following any diet as I wasn't looking at how many calories I take in. Another thing I (re)learned is how good greek salad actually is - totally hooked - and how well greek tsatsiki fits with everything! I also have to admit that I cheated a bit during my week. Last Wednesday I ate 3 small macarons at the coffee shop. And on thursday - due to extra hot weather - I bought some ice cream. I tried to compensate by not eating any other carbs that day but u know, I don't want to deprive myself from the yummy things in life and there was a sale on Häagen Dazs ice cream :-)
So without further ado I though I share my preliminary food plan for the next week:

Breakfast: 1 slice of wholegrain bread with ham and a boiled egg. 1 Pro Viva Superfrukt shot and 1 cup of black coffee (black coffee is the best!)
Lunch: Pork filé, grilled Asparagus and Tsatsiki (make it with greek yoghurt!)
Dinner: Wasabi-Aragula salad with tomatoes

Breakfast: 1 slice of wholegrain bread with scrambled eggs and herbs. 1 Pro Viva Superfrukt shot and 1 cup of black coffee
Lunch: Thai Green Curry with WOK vegetables
Dinner: Tomato Salad

Breakfast: 1/2 slice of wholegrain bread and an egg omelet with mushrooms, 1 Pro Viva Superfrukt shot and 1 cup of black coffee
Lunch: Leftovers from Thai Green Curry
Dinner: Insalata Caprese

Breakfast: Crisp Bread and Veggie stripes, 1 Pro Viva Superfrukt shot and 1 cup of black coffee
Lunch: Steak with Parmesan-mashed Potatoes and grilled mushrooms
Dinner: Insalata Caprese

Breakfast: Crisp Bread with Ham and Eggs, 1 Pro Viva Superfrukt shot and 1 cup of coffee
Lunch: Pork filé, steamed vegetables and Tsatsiki
Dinner: Greek Salad

Breakfast: Greek Yoghurt with strawberries & nuts, 1 Pro Viva Superfrukt shot and 1 cup of coffee
Lunch: Tuna Sandwich with Aragula salad as side dish
Dinner: Leftovers from Greek salad

Breakfast: Crisp Bread and Berries, 1 cup of Black coffee and 1 glass of lemon water
Lunch: Selfmade Gnocchi and Tomato-Red wine sauce
Dinner: Tomato salad

I would also like to note that in between I snack on apple slices with peanut butter, nuts or berries. Also, throughout the day I either drink some green tea,a stevia fruit-water mix or just plain water. I am also not some food guru of some sort nor a nutritionist. I just thought I share what I eat when I try to be slightly healthier.

xx, V

Saturday, May 18, 2013


The weekend is here!!! Yaaayyy....already been out thursday, yesterday and today I will join a Eurovision Song Contest party since this competition is kind of a a major deal in Sweden. I am really curious to see who wins in the end though Austria - thankfully - didn't make the cut. Since our entries are usually beyond embarrassing I rather not have entire Europe see it anyways :-D Since yesterday we have the absolute most fantastic weather with lots of sun and hot temperatures (these pics are 3 days old!) and I actually cheated a tiny beat on my week long less carbs "diet" as I had 2 macarons on Wednesday and some ice cream yesterday. But I just can't go about hot temperatures and not have ice cream. I mean in Vienna, I usually eat frozen yoghurt with fruits and nuts but they don't have that here in Sweden. At least where I live. Now I gotta get my ass outside and soak up the sun :-)

Juuhhuuuu Wochenende! Ich bin bereits Donnerstag und gestern ausgegangen. War ziemlich lustig wenn auch teilweise sehr skuril (die Schweden trinken halt sehr viel!). Heute bin ich auf einer Eurovision Songcontest Party eingeladen nachdem es wohl faktisch in Schweden ne Todsünde is dieser Veranstaltung nicht zu folgen  haha Ich bin ja schon gespannt wer gewinnt und ich bin auch nicht traurig das Österreich bereits im Halbfinale ausgeschieden is da unsere Beiträge meist peinlich und unnötig sind und es somit besser ist wenn nicht ganz Europa sie zu sehen bekommt! :-D Die Fotos hier sind 3 Tage alt. Seit gestern haben wir absolut herrliches Wetter mit richtigen Sommertemperaturen. Aus diesem Grund hab ich bei meinem Essensplan für weniger Kohlenhydrate auch ein wenig geschummelt und mir gestern ein Eis geholt. Hätte ja lieber ein Frozen yoghurt gehabt aber das gibt es hier in Schweden wo ich wohne nicht. So, und jetzt muss ich schnell nach draußen, die Sonne ruft :-)

xx, V

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Favourite Spring Lipsticks

So today's post is all about lips, lips, lips. Spring is approaching and I just love highlighting my lips instead of my eyes then. Plus, spring is all about bright colors isn't it?! So here are my Top 5 Spring lipsticks that I own myself:

MAC "Ruby Woo" a very matte (slightly drying) but very vibrant red that stays on your lips forever, even if you don't use lip pencil underneath.
MAC "Quick Sizzle" a matte, almost neon pink. I absolutely love this. Bought it little over a year ago but I think it's limited edition though. But definitely my favourite pink!
MAC "Girl about Town" the famous pink lipstick by MAC with a creme but not glossy finish. This one has a stronger blue undertone than quick sizzle I think and is more "wearable" during day for those of you who don't usually wear bright colors. It's still very pink but not as much in your face as "Quick Sizzle".
NYX "Pumpkin Pie". I love NYX lipstick. You get quite good quality and they're extremely cheap. This one is about my favourite and my go to spring/summer nude. The color is very hard to desribe as the lipstick has very subtle iredescent shimmer in it but I would say its a mixture between a nude and coral lipstick which makes this so special for me. I wear this a lot when going out, having dark eye make up!
GLOSSY BOX lipstick. I have no idea what color this actually is as this one came with of my Glossyboxes but I really love it. It's the perfect day time color for spring. Plus it has no shimmer or glitter in it which makes it even more wearable.

Whats your favourite lipstick for this season?

Heute stelle ich euch meine Top 5 Lippenstifte für den Frühling vor:

MAC "Ruby Woo", ein sehr mattes, langanhaltendes Knallrot. Leider auch ein wenig austrocknend.
MAC "Quick Sizzle" ist ein mattes, fast Neon-Pink. Absoluter Liebling.
MAC "Girl about town" ist eine mehr alltagstauglichere, weniger knallige Variante zum vorangegangenen mit einem cremigen Finish.
NYX "Pumpkin Pie" ist mein Lieblings-Nude für Frühling/Sommer da er einen leicht koralligen Unterton hat und prima zu dunklem Augenmake-up passt. Außerdem sind NYX Lippenstifte sehr billig aber gut!
GLOSSY BOX Lippenstift in unbekannter aber sehr tragbarer Farbe. So in Richtung Rosenholz und ohne jeglichen Schimmer oder Gloss Effekt. Den trag ich gern untertags.

Was sind eure Lieblingsfarben für den Frühling?

xx, V

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Something about spring...

I still owe you these pics from like 2 weeks ago. Totally forgot about them! I think they capture perfectly how I think about spring and summer: I LOVE IT! These last days its been raining but the coming days will be superwarm and sunny...yaaayyy :-) 

Ich bin euch noch diese Fotos von vor ca. 2 Wochen schuldig als das Wetter zwischenzeitlich echt top war! Ich finde die Bilder repräsentieren wie ich über Frühling und Sommer denke: LIEBE! :-D Die letzten Tage war es relativ kalt und regnerisch, umso mehr freu ich mich das ab morgen viel Sonne und warme Temperaturen angesagt sind...yeahhhh :-)

xx, V

Monday, May 13, 2013

A food project...

So today I decide to dedicate a post entirely to food. I generally consider myself someone who is on the "rather" healthy side of eating but I am definitely not a friend of dieting in any form. Food is just to delicious to starve myself nor do you actually get healthy and thin from not eating. More like the other way around, the less you eat the fatter you will eventually end up unless you die of starvation since our metabolism can only take so much. Nonetheless, I do think that I tend to stuff myself with a lot of carbs, especially empty carbs throughout the course of a week which probably also stems from typical Austrian eating habits. We eat our bread in the morning and often in the evening, we love noodles and rice as side dishes, cake, etc. Yesterday I skyped with my mum since it was mother's day and she actually told me that her dietician who is overseeing her life long diabetes disease recommend her to signficantly cut down on carbs and not have them with every meal of the day since its above all carbs that make us bigger. At this point I do have to say my mum does not have diabetes type 2 which most often comes from unhealthy eating habits but she's stuck with the disease since childhood where she was an athlete. So today while I was killing a bag of chips I decided to do a little one week project to cut down on carbs since I usually incorporate them in most of my meals throughout a day. So the verdict is, to cut down overall on carbs though I definitely won't exclude them entirely. Note again, I am not doing a complete low carb diet. I just love my carbs too much and most low-carb products, especially bread, taste like shit and are stuffed with gluten which aren't too healthy for me either. So starting from tomorrow I will try to eat less carbs than usual for at least 6 days. And so I made up an eating plan (also to make sure non of my ingredients spoil since food costs in Sweden are massive!) and in case some of you are interested in recipes, just let me know. Here's what I'll be eating throughout this week:

Breakfast: 1 glass of lemon water, 1 cup of black coffee and 1 bowl of greek yoghurt with a few strawberries & cinnamon
Lunch: Greek Salad with Vinegar/Olive oil dressing
Afternoon Snack: Peanut butter with Apple slices
Dinner: Wholegrain bread with ham

Breakfast: 1 glass of lemon water, 1 cup black coffee, 1 bowl of greek yoghurt with a handful strawberries & cinnamon
Lunch: Low-carb asian glass noodles with Thai Red curry chicken
Afternoon Snack: Apple with nuts
Dinner: Salad leftovers from the day before

Breakfast: 1 glass of lemon water, 1 cup of black coffee, 1 slice of wholegrain bread with peanut butter and sliced vegetables
Lunch: Thai Red Curry Chicken leftovers
Afternoon Snack: Almonds
Dinner: I am invited out for dinner at a restaurant :-)

Breakfast: 1 glass of lemon water, 1 cup black coffee, Egg omelet with sauted mushrooms and cheese
Lunch: Thyme chicken breast with green Asparagus, simple green salad as side dish
Afternoon Snack: Peanut butter with veggie stripes
Dinner: Greek yoghurt cucumber salad

Breakfast: 1 glass of lemon water, 1 cup black coffee, wholegrain bread with ham and 1 boiled egg
Lunch: Grilled chicken breast with steamed vegetables and Parmesan mashed potatoes
Afternoon Snack: Apple puree with almonds
Dinner: Vegetable soup

Breakfast: 1 glass of lemon water, 1 cup black coffee, egg omelet with mushrooms and tomatoes
Lunch: Glutenfree Pizza Pita (found one here that is smaller in size and has a bit less carbs) with tomatosauce, goat cheese, paprika and olives
Afternoon Snack: Kiwi
Dinner: grilled veggies with garlic and herbs

Breakfast: 1 glass of lemon water, 1 cup black coffee, greek yoghurt with strawberries and cinnamon
Lunch: Tuna Sandwich with Salad as side dish
Afternoon snack: granola bar
Dinner: Greek cucumber salad

I will keep you updated if I feel any different from cutting back on a few carbs overall and if I actually manage to stick to the plan. Again I want to enforce that this is not some sort of diet, not even an actual low carb diet. I will still continue to eat chocolate, occasionaly candy (do not have the sweetest tooth though) or pizza and burger if I feel like it. Life's too short to keep me from eating all this yummy stuff  :-D

xx, V

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Back to Black

So here's a pic from last night's bday party. Its definitely unusal but I already know that the color will wash out a bit. But I kinda like it so far! It's definitely much darker than my natural haircolor but you know, every once in a while a girl needs to switch it up right?! :-D

Friday, May 10, 2013

Update on the hair situation...

So what do you do when u crave ombre hair? You color everything black right?! RIGHT??!! Well, at least thats what I did. I was just to fed up with ne non-color my hair was sporting after lighter colored hair strands came shining through as reminders of my former ombre days. And in a nutshell I decided today that maybe I should get darker this you know, give me an exotic touch :-D Haha, or something like that. The result is definitely unusal but so far I like it! I hope I can get u pics asap, probably shot at tonights party.

Was tut man wenn man sich Ombre Haar wünscht?! Richtig, man färbt sie alle schwarz! Haha. Das war die Logik der mein Hirn heute folgte als ich mir spontan schwarze Farbe im Tiegel besorgte und alles auf meinen Kopf klatschte. Ich wusste es muss Veränderung her da meine jetzige Haarfarbe meines Erachtens nicht mal als Haarfarbe durchgeht und naja, schwarz hatte ich ja auch schon lange nicht mehr. Haha, vielleicht gibt mir dass ja einen exotischeren Touch :-D Bisher mag ich das Resultat ganz gerne und ich hoffe ich komm dazu bei einer Party heute Fotos davon zu machen!

xx, V

Thursday, May 9, 2013

From the archives...

Another pic found in my archives...I swear I have so many (party) pictures that better never see the light of day if I ever wanna end up having a job...or u know, run for presidency :-D 

xx, V

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Get your print on!

I absolutely love these pants! They're among my favourites for spring and not so hot summer days. Whether you wear them with a black tshirt, a white tank or combine it with a jeans jacket or a blazer, they always look supercool! Here I went for a simpler look and just wore my favourite black tee and my simple black heels. This always allows me to decorate myself like a xmas tree jewelry wise, u know ;-)

Ich liebe diese Hosen einfach! Sie gehören definitiv in meine Top 3 für Frühling und nicht so heiße Sommertage. Egal ob mit schwarzem Shirt, weißem Tanktop oder ner Jeansjacker/nem Blazer, die sehen einfach immer top aus! Der Ombre-effekt macht sie nur spezieller für mich. Bei diesem Outfit hier wollte ich kleidungstechnisch relativ einfach bleiben, daher mein schwarzes Lieblingsshirt und die Zara Heels. Das machts mir dann möglich mich schmucktechnisch wie ein Christbaum zu behängen haha :-)

xx, V

Monday, May 6, 2013

Nostalgia Pt. 2

Another post featuring some older pictures found on my hard drive. The first 2 are from Frequency Festical 2011, the 3rd one from Surf Worldcup Opening 2012 and the last one just a random snapshot from Summer in Vienna City 2012. Have a lovely start in the week y'all!

xx, V

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Another Blue outfit from my side! I am just really into this color atm, no other explanation here. Simple as that :) Gosh, next week we have +20 °C for the first time ever and I can't wait to maybe wear my skirts and shorts without tights. Fingers never know what 20 °C feels like in Sweden! But now I'm just gonna relax myself away over this beautiful weekend, some partying included :-)

Wiedermal ein blaues Outfit von meiner Seite, is wohl sowas wie die blaue Periode auf meinem Blog. Was soll ich sagen, im Moment bin ich einfach besessen von der Farbe! Nächste Woche haben wir hier übrigens erstmals dieses Jahr +20°C und ich hoffe dass ich dann endlich mal ohne Strumpfhosen rauskann, wobei es in Schweden auch bei warmen Temperaturen manchmal kühler wirkt. Jedenfalls hab ich ein entspanntes Wochenende vor mir, Party inkludiert und so gut wie nichts für die Uni zu tun! Jaja manchmal ist das Leben einfach nur schön :-)

xx, V

Friday, May 3, 2013

I just bought...

I am such a hopeless case of nailpolish addiction, I swear. I just had this itching in my finger that I wanted some bright colors for Spring as most of my nail polishes are rather muted colors and I don't have my neon polishes with me in Sweden. So what did I do, spend a couple of bucks on these 2 lovely's from China Glaze. Aquadelic is a really bright turquoise which I can't wait to wear and Japanes Koi has to be the fiercest neon red ever. And I just love red in general. The pic here doesn't even do it justice on how bright Japanes Koi is. Go and google to see for yourself!

Ich bin echt ein hoffnungsloser Fall was Nagellack angeht. Ganz klarer Suchtfall. Und wieder mal ist es mich überkommen und ich hab auf Ebay für einen wirklich guten Preis 2 absolute Knallfarben für den Sommer ergattert. Gerechtfertigt habe ich das mit dem Argument dass alle meine Nagellacke hier eher dezente Farben sind..aber ihr wisst ja wie das is, wenn man wirklich kaufen will findet man IMMER ein Argument haha Naja, jedenfalls ist Aquadelic ein superschönes Türkis auf das ich mich wirklich freue, vor allem weil ich leicht gebräunt bin und Japanes Koi ist das schönste, knalligste Neon-rot dass ich je gesehen habe! Das Bild hier wird dem neon nicht ansatzweise gerecht, googlet und seht für euch selbst! Ist echt ne hammerfarbe :-)

xx, V

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Blogger Spam

So the other day Gozika, Milla and me decided to use the good weather and shoot our outfit pics outside...and while we were at it we were making fun of each other. And so it happened that I actually decided to photobomb one of Gozika's outfit pics but instead of "photobomb alert" I said "Spam Alert" (yeah yeah damn u English!) haha and well, I guess its our catch phrase from now on or more like an inside joke. Anyways, it feels like the more people the funnier is picture taking. And Milla is very talented at that which is why we used here as photographer for other outfit pics as well :-) There were some pretty damn god fashion moments happening I tell you! So go and check out their Blogs as well...NOW!!!

Neulich beschlossen ich und meine 2 Blogger-Mitbewohnerinnen, Gozika und Milla, die Schönwetter-Tage zu nutzen und unsere Outfits abzulichten. Normalerweise sind wir immer zu zweit. Diesmal waren wir also zu dritt und so hatte einer immer die Möglichkeit sich über den anderen lustig zu machen :-D (Was tut man nicht alles für ein gutes Foto haha). Und wie es so kommt entschloss ich einfach mal Gozika aus dem Konzept zu bringen und ins Foto zu springen. Aber statt "Achtung Photobombe" zu rufen hab ich "Achtung Spam" gerufen und ich hab keine Ahnung wieso...manchmal bring ich halt mein Englisch durcheinander. Gozika fand das natürlich super komisch und schon hab ich meine eigene Catchphrase oder mehr sowas wie einen Inside joke :-) Jedenfalls kann ich sagen, je mehr Leute desto lustiger die Fotos! Und Milla ist supertalentiert. Und weil wir an mehr Tagen zusammen Fotos geschossen haben und dabei echt gute Outfits drauf sind rate ich euch schleunigst bei den Blogs der Mädels vorbeizuschaun!!!!

xx, V

Wednesday, May 1, 2013