Saturday, July 28, 2012


picture from my INSTAGRAM (viktoriam)


Those of u that know me already know, that I am a huuuuge sucker for nailpolish. I would even consider myself an addict as I am constantly on the hunt for new colors and I consider nailpolish as much an accessoire as rings or necklaces. I could just never imagine going without it! There are days even, when I would change nailcolor every single day.
My current favourite brand is Essie and I've been sporting "Fifth Avenue" and "Wicked" a lot lately but just sometime ago, I came across Sally Hansen nailpolishes at one of the local drugstores. I've known Sally Hansen for quite a while now and been using their Nail hardeners for years so it was a no brainer for me to get one of these "Salon manicure" nailpolishes that claim to be base, top coat, hardener and what not all in one. The last few weeks - probably due to constantly wearing bright or red colors - I was craving for a more muted, neutral color. However, as it is often with these colors, they're so light that one has to put on 4 layers to even see something. So I chose Sally Hansen in the color "Choco-Latte" and I tell u guys, I am in heaven. It is suuuuuuuuuuuch a preeeeeeettty color!!!! And in 2 thin coats you get the exact same color as in the bottle. I can already see me sporting this color for the next weeks. I just constantly look at my fingers. I've had the polish on for 3 days now and so far it looks pretty perfect still. For me that's amazing as I've been washing dishes, taking showers, styling my hair and basically been doing all the other things that usually get your nailpolish off!
They are on the pricey side though as they retail for 10€. Then again, I have Chanel "Peridot" which cost me more than twice as much and I hate it cuz the color looks nothing like in the bottle and after one day comes off. So I guess 10€ is affordable. Especially considering that u don't have to paint your nails everyday :-)

What are your current favourites when it comes to nailpolish? Any recommendation?


Friday, July 27, 2012


Armcandy, Leo Print and coffee...everything I like in one pic!

If u know me then u know: The more rings...the BETTER!

I desperately need to get me one of those Big Flower headbands!

Getting my mood festival ready...3 more weeks until Frequency Festival 2012 :-)

If only my hair could look like that!

Studded Jeans...a must this summer if u ask me.

On my wishlist for ages...if only I'd have the money :-/

Get me some pasta this week!
Hey guys, unfortunately I forgot my camera at my grandma's house, which means I am currently not able to shoot any outfit pics as I do not like to take any by cellphone (the quality and stuff...u know!)....Anyways, hopefully I'll get a hold of my cam by Sunday, when my Mum comes by to visit me in Vienna. We'll go for some Running Sushi, something I haven't had for way to long if u ask me. I can't wait!
So until I am able to get u some outfit pics etc. I will provide you with some inspirational stuff from my favourite fashion tumblrs. You can see more here and here.
Have a lovely weekend y'all and thanks for reading my Blog. I appreciate it <3

xx, V.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Bucket List

Today I had lunch with my girl Nina and we came up with the idea to write down all the things we still want to do in life but haven't gotten the chance to actually do them, just so that we don't miss anything and can make plans for the foreseeable future.


Instantly I had tons of ideas what I wanna do and here are a few things from my list:

- Learn how to surf and then go surfing in South Africa
- Attend Coachella/Balaton Sound Festival
- Learn Italian
- Overcome my fear of Spiders
- Own a Vespa
- See the Rolling Stones and the Backstreet Boys (hell yeah!) live in concert
- Do Hatha Yoga
- Learn how to make Sushi
- Write a book
- Be part of an awesome Road trip
- Learn how to play "Stairway to heaven" on guitar
- Finish a marathon
- Watch the Circe du Soleil
- Attend Carnival in Rio
- Try at least 100 different cocktails
- Vacation in Ibiza

These are just a few of the many many things I want to do in life. My list is way longer and I am sure it will get longer by the time :-)
What things do you guys have on your Bucket List?

xx, V.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Polischka Rockt

Hey guys, today I have a Blog introduction for you. You know, there are millions of Blogs on the net and while I do follow the usual suspects in the Blogger world, the Blogs that usually get me the most are the smaller, more personalized ones that don't feel like fashion editorials and advertisements :-)
Don't get me wrong, most of these Bloggers are dressed to the nines and really have exceptionate taste when it comes to fashion. It's just that I want to read personal stories! And I also appreciate if not all pictures look like a professional photoshoot. Sometimes it's just fun to see some entertaining party pics...
So this is exactly why I chose this Blog. Polischka, just like me, has a rock'n'roll vibe when it comes to clothing, she loves accessoires (just like me! cross necklaces anyone?! hehe) and I just think her Blog is lovely and a nice break from the high glam blogs that usually rule Blogger ;-) Polischka basically puts everything in her Blog, from fashion, cooking, to private stuff. And thats why I love it so much and check it DAILY! :-)
Here are some pics, check out her Blog here:

Glossy Box Juli 2012

Today I claimed my July Glossy Box from the Post office and I have to say: I am not blown away. I read many reviews of people being happy all over with their box but mine is just meh if u ask me -.-

What I've got:


Clinique High Impact mascara. Don't get me wrong, I really love this mascara, but just a few mere months ago I got the exact same thing in my Glossy Box: A SAMPLE sized Clinique High Impact Mascara. So much for diversity huh!?

GOSH Mineral Pigment in Gold. Probably the best thing in my Box. Thank god it's gold and not some bright hideous color! Though I am not hyper about this product as I already have 2 gold pigments from other brands I am not wearing eye-makeup that often except for mascara!

EUCERIN Sun Creme LSF 50 for DRY (!!!) skin. Those of you that get a Glossy Box themselves know that you can fill out a questionnaire regarding your personal preferences and your skin type etc. So I got really pissed that I got a product that's exceptionally for dry skin when I have ANYTHING BUT dry skin. No frikkin' way this goes on my skin! I mean, I have suffered enough from acne through the years. And what gets me most is, that there actually was a product for oily/combination skin. What's up with that Glossy Box?!

Figs & Rouge Balm. This is supposed to be for chapped lips and dry patches on your skin. I think it's an ok product. Don't dig the smell though. And usually I don't let anything but my beloved holy-grail CARMEX lip balm on my lips apart from MAC lipsticks.

L'Occitane Green Tea Shower Gel. Well, what can I say. I am not a person that gets excited about shower gel. There are millions of brands at my local drugstore and I usually just pick the one that smells the best and is the cheapest. If only this were a Body Lotion. But this way, it's just a shower gel that won't get me all excited and happy during shower.

All in all, for me personally, this was one of the worst Glossy Boxes. Especially since they obviously do not care about your personal profile or else I would have never gotten that goddamn Sun Lotion for dry skin! I guess I have to wait what my sis gets in her German Glossybox and maybe I can talk her into trading stuff haha

Love, V.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Turquoise Love Affair

Got this Blazer aaaages ago. Still love it madly. Usually I am all for the no-color colors, meaning Black and greyish colors. But whenever I feel like I really want to wear a garment that pops I tend to wear this Blazer. It's just really in-your-face turquoise blue. And I think it looks fabulous to my beloved black! Shot these picks the other day when the sun was shining a bit and for once it wasnt raining nor was it muddy outside, which allowed me to wear open shoes. Unfortunately for me, I can't really wear this shoes anymore when really taking a walk. Don't get me wrong, they're actually the most comfortable high heels I own (which also adds to the fact that they're by far the most expensive I own) but silly me once borrowed them to a friend and now they don't fit anymore as the back strip is way to big for me :-( Lesson learned I tell you!!!
Tomorrow my family and me will be driving all the way from Hanover to Graz, Austria. Gosh, I hope I survive at least 11 hours in a car with ALL my sisters and brothers. I mean I love them to death but they're not exactly the most well-behaved kids if u know. They can get annoying after a while. Especially cuz they always fight! -.- Fingers crossed I'll make it haha
Anyway, have a nice Saturday's Formula 1 weekend yayyyyy!

xx, V.

Friday, July 20, 2012

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xx, V.

Tattoo Lover

I loooove Tattoos. I mean, not like all over the body, but a few, I just think it looks fierce. Plus, a tattoo usually is superpersonal, often it is even unique.
Though I have to admit, tattoos do not always come with a superspecial philosophical meaning and I think thats ok as long as you like it. I, for example, have a pink bow on my hips, which of course does not contain some extraspecial meaning but I always wanted a bow tattoo. Plus, I'll always connect it to a superfun afternoon that I shared with one my gals, Nana, at the Tattoo Studio, when she herself spontaneously got a quote from Shakespeare tattooed ("Journeys end in Lovers meeting"). This tattoo is my third one and I intend on having one final one, maybe next year. A quote as well. So there you go, my tattoo:

The Original, got it from

The Tattoo <3

Love, V.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Raindrops in the Sky like Diamonds

The weather is disgusting I cannot tell you! RAIN RAIN RAIN nothin' but rain. Get's annoying after a while you know. I can only sleep so much and there is nothing else to do when its raining. Plus, I cannot meet up with friends as I don't know anyone here in Hanover unlike I could in Vienna -.-
Anyways, found out today that Gina Tricot now ships to Austria so I guess I won't check it out in Hanover after all as I am superlazy when it comes to trying on clothes, queueing up at cash counters etc. Haha all that rain made me start playing "The Sims" again. Its on my family computer and makes me feel like I am 15 again ^^ Kinda have to admit its very addicting though hehe
Btw, I loooooove my new Palladium shoes. So fierce. So comfy. It's a love story. Might as well skip my Chelsea Boots as they're indefinitely worn out! Maybe wear them at Frequency Festival though. Perfect occasion to finally kill those boots off haha
So now I have to paint my nails again...Essie Wicked, perfect dupe for CHANEL "Rouge noir" if u ask me. And a lot cheaper. Plus, I am not that big of a fan of Chanel nailpolishes. My only mistake was "Peridot" and I rarely ever wear it as it does NOT look as pretty on the nails as in the bottle and it chips off my nails after like 24 hours, which ain't nice. Especially considering I paid more than 20€ for it!
What are you up to this weekend?
xx, V.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

School's out, PUNK!

A few weeks ago I bought some colored hairspray just to try out how my hair would look like if it were dip dyed. And I have to say I really like the result. It definitely is a fun look, though it really dries out your hair I guess. The good thing is, it can be washed out. Therefore, one can try as many colors as they like which will be exactly what I be doing. I got my pink hair color from ASOS and I am thinking of buying a gold one and maybe some orange. Or even blue. Anyways, I took my hair out today but as soon as it started raining I had to head back into the house cuz I was afraid the color would come off on my beloved "Cheap Monday"-Sweater. I am thinking of visiting Hanover tomorrow or on thursday to take a look at Primark and Gina Tricot, as we don't have these stores in Vienna. So a few more days in Germany before we head back to Austria. Can't wait to get back to Vienna, get a big cup of frozen yoghurt and take a long stroll through the city. The weather will hopefully be better as well. If there's one thing I don't like it's rain!
xx, V.

Monday, July 16, 2012

My Foundation Routine

So here's my complete foundation routine. All the products I use and why I use them:

1. MAC Prep and Prime Face Primer: Especially when my foundation needs to last for quite some time or when I am in heated areas such as a Club I religiously use this primer as I believe it really does help my foundation stay in place. Plus, when I use a heavier foundation (like Estee Lauders' "Double Wear") it makes it look more natural and less cakey!

2. Clinique Even Better Foundation: I can't stress enough how much I love this! After I've suffered from really severe acne which left me with tons of scars around my chin area this comes as a savior! It helps reducing discoloration on my face while at the same time gives good coverage and a perfectly natural, pretty finish. Almost a relief after years of using my heavy Estee Lauder Foundation which I really recommend for strong coverage for severe acne!

3. Catrice Concealer Palette: I've been using this for ages. Just recently I've bought like the fifth one? I think it gets the job done perfectly, gives you quite some variation for when your more tanned like in summer or more pale during colder times and it stays put on your face. Who says you always need MAC, right?!

4. Clinique Stay Matte Powder: My friend Nina uses this powder as well and I have a couple years ago and recently I started using it again with no idea why I ever stopped. It mattyfies without looking cakey at all and has slight coverage. Just the perfect finishing and touch up powder. And the best part: They now have a color that is said to be suitable to all skin tones :-)

5. Benefit Sugarbomb Blush: My holy-grail Blush. When nothing else works this always does the job. It looks supercute and it is almost impossible to put on too much. In addition, the gold color in it works perfectly as a highlighter. During summer, when you're tan, this is godsent! I swear :) Plus it smells heavenly...

6. MAC Fix +/Evian Facial Spray: When its hot outside I tend to use Evian facial spray, during Wintertime I prefer Fix +. Either way, I could never go without a facial spray as it really does make a difference in the appearance of your foundation and its lasting power :)

What products do you use? Any recommendation?

xoxo, V.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Catching the Sun

Finally!!!! Sunshine :-)
Took the chance and made some snapshots wearing my absolute favorite Jeansshorts (I think everyone should own a pair) and some shoes that I found deep in the back of my closet with no memory of why I hid them back there as they're actually quite comfy and supercute!
Anyways, I miss Vienna, there's not much one can do here in the midst of practically nowhere and since there isnt even a trainstation where my Mum lives I can't even go and spontaneously check out Hanover City...jeez I'm a city gal, from head to toe. Sometimes I almost feel like the fresh air from the countryside drives me nuts haha Nina knows what Im talking bout LOLz
Guess I just have to cherish doing absolutely NOTHING :-)
Wish you all a nice sunday evening and a great week. Fingers crossed the sun stays!
I'm thinking of doing a few reviews of some new beauty products this week. Keep updated.

xx, V.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Lets get it started...

Hello Fellas :-)
Some of you may already know me from my old Blog which I wrote together with a close friend of mine, Nina, and some of you might be getting to know me for the first time ever. I am a 22 year old student, life lover, fashion addict, beauty addict and generally someone who is open for everything and tries to enjoy life as much as possible while still reaching for my goals ^^
This Blog will involve everything fashion, beauty but also lifestyle related whether its music, food or travelling. All of which I enjoy very much :-) Apart from that it will also include my move from Vienna to Sweden which I consider a start of a brand new life as I've never been that far away from home for so long! I am going to study Fashion Management in Boars. Wish me luck! As an introduction some outfit pictures from recent months:

xx, V.