Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Walking down Memory Lane

So I suspected my external hard drive was damaged and when I checked it I stumbled across shitloads of pictures, all taken from when I was 17-19/20 years old..most of them taken with my old digital camera hence the quality....haha a lot of them gave me the typical "what the heck" moment but I thought I'll share them with you! :-D

Als ich heute mal meine externe Festplatte genauer untersucht hab, bin ich auf tonnenweise Fotos gestoßen, alle aus der Zeit wo ich 17-19/20 Jahr alt war. Ihr wisst schon, wo schlechte Digitalkameras der neueste Hit waren und man einfach auch jeden Blödsinn auf Fotos festhalten muss....einige dieser Fotos brachten in mir nur ein "WTF?!" raus und teilweise frage ich mich ja auch was ich mir bei dem einen oder anderen Outfit/Haarschnitt gedacht hab aber ich möchte euch die Fotos nicht vorenthalten..ihr bekommt also alles in völlig unbearbeiteter Pracht haha

my 19th Bday
Me and my bff on a friend's 18th Bday
@ coffeeshop in Amsterdam
@ Amsterdam

On my bff's 18th Bday

At Donauinselfest 2008

EURO 2008 Vienna

Frequency Festival 2007

At some club in Vienna


former BFF, some basement Party...notice the 70's hair haha

@ a friend's Bday party

Night out with my friend Nici
@ our school trip after high school graduation and I still hadn't figured out which foundation color to use haha
@ Nova Rock Festival 2007...and I look pretty pissed after surviving a minor car accident and a 7hour walk hehe
At some party, I think I was 20 though I kinda look like 15 here
I wish I still had that leatherjacket :-O
@ some point during this party we thought it would be a great idea to break into the kindergarden playground :-D

@ a colleague's Bday bash after I had just started working for Austrian Airlines
@ a houseparty in my apartment
@ some club
Don't even get me started on these leo thights...I mean, seriously, WHAT THE HECK?!
Vacation in Mallorca 2008

Ps.: NO JUDGEMENT :-D (and maybe I'll have a part 2)
Pss.: I quit smoking 2 years ago! Ich habe vor über 2 Jahren mit dem Rauchen aufgehört, nur als Anmerkung!

Love, V