Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Baby on Board

Dress (Zara); Shoes (F21); Belt (H&M); Bag (H&M); Sunnies (Juicy Couture)

The other day I met with my cousin Sabrina, who gave birth to little Ayleen in January. I have to say this is one well-behaved baby! You could hold her in your arms for hours and you wouldnt notice her. Just too cute! And those precious hairs. And soooo much! Jeez I love babies. Plus, there is something about their smell. I just think babies smell just so lovely! There was even research conducted that came to the conclusion that mothers can identify babies simply by their smell :-)
Though I think Ayleen is cute as a button and I love babies, I do have to say, at the end of the day I am happy to be able to hand them back over to their moms. Guess I still have plenty of time to get myself a baby HA!
Anyways, we were strolling through the inner city and I already start feeling a bit homesick when I think about leaving Vienna for at least a year when I start my Master's degree in Sweden :-/ On a happier note, I finally got a yes for the apartment I wanted to live in, in Sweden, together with 2 other lovely Ladies! I am sure its going to be fun, fun, fun. But you know, for us city gals, living in the countryside can be tough at times. Thank god, at least, I have nice clothes and my favourite shoes with me haha

Happy week everyone,

xx, V.

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