Monday, August 20, 2012

Frequency Festival 2012

So I am back...and I am sick. Down with the flu, sore throat, cold, what gives. I feel totally destroyed and destroyed I am. Sunburn, sleep deprivation...but it was all so totally worth it! Even though this year around I didn't really get to see many bands! On the first day of the festival I felt so bad due to my sickness that I thought I better stay at the camping area to be fit for the following day when Jan Delay, Noel Gallagher and most importantly, Placebo, were to perform. That's why I missed Cro and The Killers. Little did I know then that Placebo's singer Brian Molko was sick himself and had to cancel the performance after just one song. I don't know when was the last time in my life that I was that disappointed. Placebo - even though already seen 4 times before - were basically the main reason for me to attend this years' FQ Festival. So it was obvious I was close to tears when they cancelled. At least Jan Delay was epic as usual. The following day I missed out on The Hives and Bush because the warm weather demanded we stay in the river called "Traisen" with our camping chairs and sip beer instead :-) Later that night KORN performed what I perceived as one of the best concerts in my entire life (and I've been to many!) and made up for Placebo's cancellation. Sandra and me totally screamed our hearts out to classics such as "Freak on a Leash" or "Falling away from me" and Jonathan Davis totally brought his A-Game. Sandra and I were totally blown away and already plan a trip to a Korn concert. The last day was rather a chill out day as you could see that basically the entire Festival Crowd was getting tired after 4 days of hard partying. Nonethless Bloc Party, Parov Stelar and Maximo Park had a great set and it was the perfect ending to an almost perfect, fun festival. At the end of the day, I think, it always comes down to the people you're with and not so much to the bands and in that department I was totally blessed this year! So here are some pics that Sandra shot:

First day...even though I am smiling I felt horrible

Our tent...thank god the guys knew how to set it up as we girls lost the instruction manual

Checking the Camera only to find out I forgot to charge the batteries -.-

Iron Man himself made an appearance

We had to eat without heating it up because we forgot to bring a gas cooker...for the record it sucked!

Total lifesaver against our constant coughing! You know all that singing along and screaming ^^

At nights it was really really, can I put another layer on, cold!

I really like those bubbles as u can see haha

Basically our breakfast the first 2 days!

The Boys' gas cooker broke and they were way more creative than us girls LOLz

Sandra & me at the KORN concert, that shit rocked!!!

Best Breakfast EVER!!!!

Last night. Make up did wonders in concealing my tiredness and sickness.

The morning we left. Sunburned, exhausted but totally happy :-)
And now girls I am off to Sweden! Hopefully I can do some posts on here. We'll see.

Love, Peace and Happiness, V

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  1. klingt doch trotzdem wenigstens gut :) Viel Spaß in Schweden und einen guten Start!