Thursday, August 2, 2012

Current Favorites: Beauty

Maybelline Color Tattoo in "Bronze" is just heaven for my oily lids. I am sure if I'd let it on 24hrs it still wouldn't crease! Plus the color is amazing for Summer I think.

Clinique High Impact Mascara was in my last Glossy Box...again. None the less I like it very much. It really gives lenght and volume. Definitely in my Top 3 All Time Mascara faves.

Nivea Protect & Bronze is my favourite Suncreme because its not sticky and I like its smell. Plus, it is supposed to speed up the tanning process and who wouldn't like that?!

Essence Hand & Nail Balm. The smell is just AH-mazing!!!! And it soothes my cuticles and helps my nails grow!

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock for the face is HANDS DOWN the best face suncreme. For someone with oily, acne prone scin this is holy grail material. Out of all the dozens sunscreens for the face that I've tried this is by far the best!

MAC "Devilishly Stylish" Lipgloss is on my lips quite often these days. Though I do have to admit I am not a fan of the formulation because it is sticky as hell, I like the color. And since I've bought I might as well wanna use it, right?!

Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker XL is my new favourite! It's a lip plumping Lipgloss and I do think it really has an effect. On a sidenote it smells delicious and I love the tangly feel on my lips. Give it a try!!!

MAC "Smolder" Eye Pencil is my favourite Eyeliner there is apart from Gel Liners. It is a deep black, is perfect for smokey eyes and it really stays on your waterline without smudging. I also think the price is reasonable and it goes a long way.

I love "Coconut&Cream" Lip Balm/Gloss really helps my dry summer lips and it smells like coconuts mixed with popcorn. And it has a slight glossy feel to it without being sticky AT ALL! I love this like madly guys :-) And above all, it is on the cheap side (4€ for a huuuuge container).

So what are your current favourites in the Beauty Department? Anything I should try?

xx, V.


  1. Die Sonnencreme habe ich auch :D Hast du schon bemerkt das du schneller braun wirst? Ich leider nicht :D Aber es riecht echt gut. Ich liebe den Geruch von Sonnenmilch!


    1. Hmmm schneller nicht unbedingt. Aber vl brauner als ich sonst überhaupt werde?! :D Haha zumindest riecht sie gut und klebt nicht ^^ Der Geruch von Sonnenmilch ist echt top! Bei H&M gabs unlängst ein 5€ Parfum dass nach Sonnenmilch und Strand roch. Da habe ich gleich gebunkert und einige Flaschen gekauft haha

  2. I would love to try the clinique high impact mascara and the maybelline bronze colour tattoo.