Tuesday, August 13, 2013

KIKO: A review

So a couple of weeks I discovered we actually have a KIKO store in Vienna. I first heard about KIKO through my Glossybox when I was given a trial size lipgloss which I really loved as it was not sticky at all and actually really nourishing. So I went into the store and was beyond overwhelmed by the range of colors they have of everything and the fact that their stuff is actually really affordable. However I held back pretty well and only bought stuff I actually needed cuz I ran out of it...sort ot :-D

First of I bought these Peeling wipes. I am a huge sucker for facial wipes as they make taking makeup off - especially after a night out - easy and quick. And I really liked the extra gimmick of them having on side that contains beads to peel my skin...however, a gimmick that's all it is. I wish I had read some online reviews beforehand because these wipes are horrible! The peeling side is waaaaayyy to harsh, my face was all red after using them and for about a week my facial skin felt like leather...not funny! So now I just use them as peeling wipes for my feet but I definitely do NOT recommend these.

Next I bought an eyebrow wax pencil. This one I loooove! It really keeps my brows in place without giving them the unnatural sheen that gels often leave nor does it look "flaky" at the end of the day. After my brow gel was out I really wanted to get my hands on brow wax and this one is impeccable, easy to handle and most importantly super affordable.

Next up was the Lip repair Night balm which is supposed to be applied before going to bed. I am addicted to this stuff now. Guys, this leaves you with soft lips in the morning that have the touch of baby skin...INSANE! No matter how chipped my lips would be, I am pretty sure this repairs them in just one night. I use this religiously every night. And I don't really need much lip balm throughout the day anymore. WIN WIN for me.

Next up is the Next Generation Serum that is supposed to moisturize the skin, keep the pores clean and most importantly for me, reduce the appearance of dark spots caused by either the sun or in my case, acne. So far it does a good job though it's not sweeping me off my feet...I think the best serum in this department is still Kiehl's Clearly Corrective dark spot solution, however it is much more pricey so I think I'll just stick with this one and wait longer for my spots to go away...

Finally, I bought a dupe for the infamous Beauty Blender and I am honestly obsessed. I just paid 2€ for this and I think I will never go back to applying my foundation with brushes...EVER! This sponge is just magical. My skin looks airbrushed and the application also makes me feel like having a face massage. Totally worth it and I can only recommend this. Out of everything I bought from KIKO, this one definitely swept me off my feet!!!

What about you guys? Have you ever purchased anything from KIKO and if so, can u recommend it?

xx, V

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