Saturday, August 10, 2013

My precious

This tray I got from here carries some of my current favourite things, amongst them my Deborah Lippmann "Supermodel" and Estée Lauder "Smashed" nailpolish, as well as my cheaper version of Ray Ban's "Clubmaster" sunglasses (still saving for the real deal!), my fave summer scent from Marc Jacobs and my go to Lip tint from FACE Stockholm
Probably my fave necklace out of all from MANGO, hanging around a vase I got from H&M Home and, filled with lovely pink flowers from a local flower shop
I got this Canister from the same shop as the tray and I loooove it. Though I honestly have to say, just as with the tray, this is not as high quality as it looks on the shop, but anyways, it has Bambi on top looking after my favourite Bangles :-)
Some other favourite necklaces of mine. I got the Lion necklace from's so fierce and for me kind of the definition of statement necklace! Around my lamp I put my favourite hair band which I got ages ago from ZARA. Also hanging around here is my Eiffel Tower necklace from Maison Scotch. I put those necklaces around a NYC painting I got from a home decor store called Depot which I am a huge fan of.
This is my newest addition to my necklace family. I've been eying this beauty for quite some time but never gotten around to buy it but when my mum's friend gave me a ZARA gift card off I went and bought it...and totally not regret it. It totally pimps my favourite grey menswear Tee from H&M!
I got this bowl from a vintage shop in Sweden during my stay there. It is real silver and practically cost me nothing so you guys can guess my excitement when I got it! It carries my favourite bracelets which come in all colors of the rainbow. Since the bowl is so big it makes finding the right one in the morning superquick and easy...I definitely recommend checking out vintage shops for jewelry stashing material like this :-)
Just like the bowl above I got this from the swedish vintage shop and this one also is true silver. It carries my favourite, go-to rings.
Hey guys, I really hope you enjoyed this post a bit and if you want to see more home "decor" of interior posts just let me know...though I do have to say my apartment looks nowhere as fancy or chic as the ones from other famous Bloggers or people in the fashion world do ;-)

Lots of love and have a beautiful weekend,


ps.: I think I killed my camera when I dropped it weeks ago...for some reasons my pictures never turn out as sharp as they did before :-(


  1. Den Chanel-Lack wollt ich mir auch erst holen :)
    Zu den Shirts, klar bekommst du das hin, das ist garnicht schwer. Einfach mal ausprobieren, macht ein riesen Spaß !
    Und zu Schweden, wie cool ist das denn !?! Da spricht der pure Neid aus mir, ich würde auch mal gern nach Schweden. Viel Erfolg dir noch :D

    Liebste Grüße

  2. Love the decorations and arrangements! :)

    xx Daphne of

  3. Love it ;) The same happend to my camera btw...