Monday, September 16, 2013

An old friend

Today has been the first time in like forever that I made use of my beloved Cambridge Satchel again. I had it on my shelf as sort of decoration and even though I'd practically look at it every day it never came to me to actually use it ever since I got back from Sweden. Kinda stupid heh?! Anyways, today I decided to go for it and add some color to my typically rather bland and monochrome outfits and wearing the bag reminded me of how much I actually love it. It is super practical, I can fit in all my stuff and it just looks so cute. The only thing to keep in mind with bags like those is that they do not like bad weater, meaning rain or the very severe cold. I unfortunately had to experience the latter myself like 2 winters ago when temperatures very untypically fell 25 below zero degrees and the leather of my bag actually started cracking which is why - if looking closely - you can see the damage caused by that...stupid me! When I came home almost crying my mum was just looking at me like "..but honey, isn't it like common knowledge that true leather doesn't like ice cold weather?!" ...well it wasn't too me! Btw, tomorrow I start a new section on this Blog called "The Tuesday book club" so stay tuned for that :)

Happy Monday's

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