Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Naked Nails

If you know me then you probably know I am a sucker for neutral, nude nails. Since I have what I consider "baby nails" - meaning they're supertiny and short - I love the effect nude nailpolish gives me as it elongates and most importantly enlarges my natural nails. Plus, it always goes along perfectly with everything I wear and whatever make up I put on my face. So I though I share with you my beloved nude nail polishes that I regularly switch between:

Manhattan "Sparkly Nude" is a very pale, almost withe-ish nude with veeery fine golden shimmer which is only noticeable in the sunlight. I like this one for the mere fact that it is a bit more "in your face" than my other nude nailpolished given that it is so light but bold in color. It takes me 2 coats to make it look nice which is what I commonly put on anyways and the only downside to this one is the rather long drying time which is why this one I wear the least out of my four faves!

Ciaté "Cookies and Cream" is my absolute favourite nail polish. This is pure nude perfection. I wear this basically all the time and it makes my nails look healthy and perfectly manicured which is exactly what I want to achieve when I put the effort into painting my nails. This one goes on very sheer at first coat so the first time I applied this I was almost shocked and feared I would have to layer up to 5 coats to get this opaque. But this is not the case. At the second coat this already gets a very good color pay off and for perfection I always apply 3 coats. The positive thing is that this one dries super fast and also lasts very long. LOVE!!

O.P.I. "Samoan Sands" is just as the name already reaveals a nice sand colored nude. I love to wear this when I have a tan which is why one can rarely see it on my nails during winter time. Nonetheless this is a majorly gorgeous color that I can highly recommend. I typically wear 2-3 coats of this, depending on how opaque I want this to be as the formula of this polish is very thin. Drying time I would say is pretty good as well, so is lasting time. I hope OPI never discontinues this one!

Sally Hansen "Choco Latte" is the darkest nude in my collection but not less gorgeous. I wear this one year round and it is one of my favourites out of my huuuge nail polish collection. It dries superfast, is opaque at only 2 coats and stays on forever. I put this one whenever I feel like wearing nude but wanting more of a contrast to my skin color. I think it looks so chic and classy.

Which one's are your favourite nude nail polished?

xx, V


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