Saturday, September 28, 2013


For all the tea lovers out there I might just found the best damn thing in the world..5 Cups and some sugar. It's a website where you can mix your own tea and the end result comes in cute packages like above, made from recycled paper. So you're doing something good for yourself and the environment...yayyy to that. The company ships to the entire EU but also mentions on their website (which is in german) that they could ship to other countries if required. When the weather gets colder outside, Tea is always a must for me. Plus, I try to find ways to cut back on my excessive coffee consumption so this website kind of is a godsend..and who doesn't like to customize stuff themselves?! I sure do. So for now I made 3 mixtures of tea of my own:

  • Vacation in a Cup (u can name the tea yourself!): contains Rooibus Superior, exotic fruits mix, coconut, hibiscus, apple and rose petals....yummy!
  • Autumn Deluxe: contains White tea, fennel, orange zest, cinnamon, sage, cranberry and cactus flower
  • Autumn: contains Honeybush tea, liquorice, apple, jasmine, sweet cumin
I think these teas also make supercute presents! Check it out :-)

xx, V

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