Monday, September 3, 2012

Cambridge Bunny on the loose...


I've been dying to post pictures but when I arrived in Sweden I basically had to live without Internet for 2 weeks and then I was just so busy with introduction lectures at the university and moving to my apartment, which I by the way reeeeeally love, though it is in an industrial area. (great for taking pics u know ^^). Anyways, I will also post some pictures of Borås, the city I will now live in. It is veeery small and even though it has more than 100000 inhabitants it feels like some sort of village. At the beginning it was definitely hard for me to adjust and the first couple of days I suffered from extreme homesickness which I've never had to deal with before (yes, I admit I was crying for my mum hahaha). But now I am kinda excited to get everything university related started, to learn the swedish language and entirely focus on fashion. I also think that I will definitely have way more time to blog and take pictures than before so stay tuned for a lot of fashion and lifestyle related stuff coming up on this Blog ;-)

until then...hej då!

xx, V.


  1. Sehr süßer Post und tolles Outfit. Die Schuhe <3

  2. nice outfit ! the jellow bag and the cross necklace are beautiful xx anouk