Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Tuesday Book Club: Cheap - The High Cost of Discount Culture

In this week's book club I present a pretty critical book about today's high consumption - low cost culture:

ELLEN RUPPEL SHELL - Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture

This book was featured in one of my courses for my Fashion Master's degree at the Swedish School of Textiles and boy was I happy that it was. This book is such an eye opener. It basically talks about today's ways of consumption of massively cheap products and how this negatively affects not only the environment but basically every aspect of life and that buying cheap comes at a very high ultimate price. The book covers all kinds of industries from food, to fashion all the way to furniture. It talks about sustainability and the quintessence of the book is that we as consumers need to drastically change if we want to keep on living on this planet earth. I highly recommend reading this book as it really subconsciously does affect shopping behaviour or at least the next time you find yourself in a store makes you question yourself if you actually need this and if it's really worth the money. I know this book is written in English but the language is very simple and easy to understand so I am convinced even people who aren't pro's at the english language can grasp the message of this book. An absolute must-read!!!

xx, V

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