Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Tuesday Book Club: The Goddess Experience

With December being around the corner and the weather being typical nasty winter cold, I thought I'd share this magnificent book with you:


This is the ultimate bible on how to be happy, feel like a goddess and appreciate life. At least from my point of view. This book features hundreds of tips on how to enjoy the small things in life, how to enjoy life in general and how make yourself feel that little more extra special. The book covers cooking tips, fashion tips, travel guides, inspirational ideas, home ideas and tips, beauty insiders...EVERYTHING...just like the back of the book suggests: "..any goddess would be mad not to keep a copy by her bed." I think this book also makes for an excellent present which is why I also once gave this as a present to my bestie Nina. Plus the book looks just sooo pretty in the bookshelf..too bad though I spilled water all over it when I once carried it along in my bag together with a bottle of water...dammit!!

xx, V

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