Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Tuesday Book Club: The Russian Phoenix

Today I most definitely present the nerdiest book in my series so far:

GERHARD MANGOTT - The Russian Phoenix

This book was written by one of my former professors from Bachelor's degree who happens to be the smartest and wittiest person I ever gotten to know...at least in my book haha We had to read this book in class as preparation for the exam in Political Systems of the East, where we focused on Russia in particular. Now what you guys probably don't know about me is that aside from fashion I am also hugely interested in political science and political systems, which is also why I majored in this area in my Economics Bachelor and wrote my second thesis within the field of political science. This book is so interesting that I actually read it twice which rarely ever happens to me regarding a university book and it was actually the first time every in my studying career that I got an effortless 100 out of 100 points at the exam as I just soaked up the book's content like a sponge. Basically this book focuses on Russia's post Soviet Union evolution and political but also social dynamics and how Russia came to be the Russia it is today. It gives a lot of insight into how politics work over there but also into the Russian mindset and I just think it's a brilliant book. I absolutely enjoyed Mr. Mangott's class and he definitely made me want to learn more about this fascinating country. I can definitely say there it more to this country than just it's presidents and I really want to visit this country one day...for the fact alone that one of the most amazing people I ever gotten to know (during my time in Sweden), the lovely Natalia, live there :-)

xx, V

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