Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Tuesday Book Club: TASCHEN "Style" Books

You guys might have noticed by now that I am not only into fashion but that my heart also belongs to interior design. I always think that if I hadn't tried to get into fashion I would probably have ended up in interior design or decoration of some sorts. Today I present an entire line of interior books:

TASCHEN Icons - Style Books

This is a series of small books featuring typical interior style of different cities or countries. Whether it's Sweden, Parisian, Moroccan, Greek, Berlin...Taschen features them all. I always screen through Amazon as these books are very hard to come by and it is my dream that one day I own them all. So far only 2 have made it into my collection, those being Sweden Style and Buenos Aires Style. I just love to look at different ways of making your home and I find myself to be rather eclectic when it comes to styling my own home, I definitely do not have a distinct style and I like the messiness of my apartment, hence I soak up everything I can find on different national takes on home furnishing and decoration. Since these books are rather small they also come in very handy on travels or train rides. I just love them! And if anyone happens to know where I can get the entire collection of these, let me know :-)

What particular style of furnishing do you guys like?

xx, V

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