Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ambassadeur: The perfect Start!

Happy New Year everyone :-)
Last night was one hell of a party night I tell ya. Nina invited me to a 3 course dinner at Club Ambassadeur as a xmas gift. What better way to start the night of all nights what?! I ate grilled asparagus with lemon salad and croutons as entrée, the best parmesan risotto ever as main course and a delicious brownie with vanilla cream and liquorice sugar. Yum Yum! Thank you so much Nina. We also got some superfancy pretty masks from the Club as apparently there was a motto to the New Years Party and almost everyone wore them. I'm gonna keep mine and use it as a reminder of an awesome night with my bestie and also i think it makes great decoration :))) The countdown was the coolest I'd ever seen as the crowd went totally nuts as the new year started. We started 2013 with a glass of champaign! It's been some amazing days in Stockholm. Tomorrow we're off to an art/photography exhibition about David La Chapelle, my favourite! And of course some nice shopping at Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and Zara (duh!).

Love you, V

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