Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Order: ASOS

So I've been looking all winter to find the perfect coat that keeps me warm when temperatures plummet here in the North. I'd already given up all hope to find a nice, black jacket that looks somewhat cool and sporty when I stumbled across this one on the ASOS sale. And guess what?! It only cost me 25€ instead of 84€!!! Talk about a bargain! And it looks like it is gonna keep me very warm. I also couldn't resist and bought me some sunglasses on Sale from the swedish brand "Cheap Monday". The model is called Telekinesis and is blue. How cool is that?! Once my order arrives I hope the sun will stop playing hide-and-seek and I can finally wear some of the sunglasses I purchased in recent months:

Love, V

Ps.: There is an ongoing Blogpresentation on TheBeautyMint! Check it out :-)

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