Thursday, October 10, 2013

A little something from MAC

So a couple of weeks ago I got a coupon for MAC and there were some things on my list that I needed. First and foremost I went there to get a foundation pump for my Clinique Superbalanced Foundation and I was considering getting a highlighter. While there I stumbled across this lipstick and I think it is safe to say after YEARS of looking for the perfect deep, neither blue or orange toned red...I finally found it!! At the MAC Counter they had put it on Display as kind of a re-release. It is the Original MAC Viva Glam number 1. It is the most beautiful red lipstick I ever came across and I think this one is universal, meaning it fits all skintones, haircolors, eyecolors...everything. It almost has a brown-ish undertone and I absolutely love it. Ever since I purchase it I've been wearing it almost all the time. It lasts superlong and has a matte finish which is what I prefer in lipsticks. Another nice thing is the fact that all the money that I paid for the lipstick goes directly into MAC's very own HIV fund. AMAZING! The other thing I purchase was the Mineralize Skinfinish in "Soft & Gentle" which is of their permanent collection and I wore this every single day since I bought it. I love the finish it gives, like that dewy glow. I think this one will work fine whether I am tanned or pale. Even though at 27€ this was rather pricey I already know it will take me years to get through this as you only need sooo little when applying it. I also think it has amazing staying power, after an entire day of work it is still visible and barely vanished which is very good in highlighters. While I do love my Benefit "Sunglow" (more in the summer though) I do think that it doesn't last on my cheeks nearly as long as the MAC highlighter does. So again, kudos to MAC for making awesome products!

What highlighters do you use?

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