Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Tuesday Book Club: Classy

Today's book is a rather fun read and contains some very cool tips on how to free the inner lady in us and say good-bye to the outer tramp haha...or something like that:


Derek Blasberg is a fashion writer and Blogger (follow him on twitter!) and this book is probably his attempt to free the world of tramps once and for all. I bought this book ages ago and instantly read through it once I got it...now I did not remember everything that's in the book which is why from time to time I just love to pick it up again and screen through it. The book cover's fashion but also behavioural and lifestyle aspects of the ladylike life and everything Derek writes feels a bit tongue in cheek to me (whether it was his intention or not) but also convey's a good portion of sense of humour and that's why I like the book so much. This is not some old-school 50's wome's guide on how to behave in a men's society, it's just a fun read about how to make the best out of yourself whether it be at the airport or at a social gathering but also features some cool day to day tips for the extremely modern lady ;-)

xx, V

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