Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Tuesday Book Club: The Swarm

Today I confront you with my all-time favourite science fiction book:

FRANK SCHÄTZING - The Swarm: A novel of the deep

This is one of the books in my collection i re-read the most. I think in total I read it four times and still everytime it totally blows my mind. The book takes place mainly in Europe but also North and South America and talks about how nature and it's animals mutate and basically strike back agains mankind that has kept on abusing mother nature for centuries. I don't want to give away too much of the content as I really think this is a book that one needs to read without a doubt...all I can say is, no matter how "science fiction" the book at times seems, in the back of my mind I always kept wondering "Wouldn't that be possible for real? Can this happen?" and it really makes you reflect on how much we abuse nature, especially with things such as a waste island as big as the state of Texas floating aroung the sea and it shows how much we actually depends of the sea and water in general. Now enough of my blabbing about the awesomeness of this book...now go out and get yourself a copy! 

xx, V

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