Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Lady in Black

Dressing in Black makes mornings just so much easier...just pick whatever black garments you have and throw em all together and somehow the magic always works :-D I guess the fact that now that mornings get darker and darker and colder outside does influence my dressing habits aka meaning I just want to get dressed in a heartbeat. And I am definitely not the kinda "I am putting together my outfit the evening before" person! So that's why recently I find myself always grabbing clothes from the black portion of my closet (which is the biggest) and totally neglecting whatever colorful stuff I still have in there because I am just too much of a lazy ass to think about color coordination and stuff like that :) Oh and I have to mention I loooove these new Zara Boots. I needed new ones after I practically worn out my flat shiny ones I bought about a year ago in Sweden at Dinsko...I must have some weird shaped legs because the soles of my shoes tend to wear of in a very one sided manner if you get what I mean...anyways, these ones are super fierce and comfy and stylewise very reminiscent of a pair you can find at ACNE at the moment, but I just couldn't/didn't want to splurge on the real deal so I went with the obvious choice, Zara. I JUST LOVE THESE SHOES!!!!

Ok, now I need to get dressed (in black I suppose) and then head off to work...

xoxo, V

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