Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Turquoise Love Affair

Got this Blazer aaaages ago. Still love it madly. Usually I am all for the no-color colors, meaning Black and greyish colors. But whenever I feel like I really want to wear a garment that pops I tend to wear this Blazer. It's just really in-your-face turquoise blue. And I think it looks fabulous to my beloved black! Shot these picks the other day when the sun was shining a bit and for once it wasnt raining nor was it muddy outside, which allowed me to wear open shoes. Unfortunately for me, I can't really wear this shoes anymore when really taking a walk. Don't get me wrong, they're actually the most comfortable high heels I own (which also adds to the fact that they're by far the most expensive I own) but silly me once borrowed them to a friend and now they don't fit anymore as the back strip is way to big for me :-( Lesson learned I tell you!!!
Tomorrow my family and me will be driving all the way from Hanover to Graz, Austria. Gosh, I hope I survive at least 11 hours in a car with ALL my sisters and brothers. I mean I love them to death but they're not exactly the most well-behaved kids if u know. They can get annoying after a while. Especially cuz they always fight! -.- Fingers crossed I'll make it haha
Anyway, have a nice Saturday's Formula 1 weekend yayyyyy!

xx, V.


  1. Hast du evt. Bock auf ne gegenseitige Blogvorstellung, liebe V.? :)


  2. Toller Blog. Der Blazer sieht echt gut aus. ;)


  3. schöner blog, gleich mal gefollowt ;)
    die armparty ist toll!!!
    und mint/grün sind sowieso voll meins *lol*