Thursday, July 19, 2012

Raindrops in the Sky like Diamonds

The weather is disgusting I cannot tell you! RAIN RAIN RAIN nothin' but rain. Get's annoying after a while you know. I can only sleep so much and there is nothing else to do when its raining. Plus, I cannot meet up with friends as I don't know anyone here in Hanover unlike I could in Vienna -.-
Anyways, found out today that Gina Tricot now ships to Austria so I guess I won't check it out in Hanover after all as I am superlazy when it comes to trying on clothes, queueing up at cash counters etc. Haha all that rain made me start playing "The Sims" again. Its on my family computer and makes me feel like I am 15 again ^^ Kinda have to admit its very addicting though hehe
Btw, I loooooove my new Palladium shoes. So fierce. So comfy. It's a love story. Might as well skip my Chelsea Boots as they're indefinitely worn out! Maybe wear them at Frequency Festival though. Perfect occasion to finally kill those boots off haha
So now I have to paint my nails again...Essie Wicked, perfect dupe for CHANEL "Rouge noir" if u ask me. And a lot cheaper. Plus, I am not that big of a fan of Chanel nailpolishes. My only mistake was "Peridot" and I rarely ever wear it as it does NOT look as pretty on the nails as in the bottle and it chips off my nails after like 24 hours, which ain't nice. Especially considering I paid more than 20€ for it!
What are you up to this weekend?
xx, V.

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  1. Sims ist schon geil :D Ich spiele zurzeit wieder "Herrscher des Olymp Zeus" :D Das ist so ein richtig altes Strategiespiel, war mal auf einer Computer Bild Spiele und es macht sowas von süchtig. Für Sims hätte ich ja jetzt auch mal wieder Zeit.... :D
    Wie hast du dir eigentlich das Ombre Hair machen lassen? Warst du beim Frisör oder war es selfmade?