Friday, July 27, 2012


Armcandy, Leo Print and coffee...everything I like in one pic!

If u know me then u know: The more rings...the BETTER!

I desperately need to get me one of those Big Flower headbands!

Getting my mood festival ready...3 more weeks until Frequency Festival 2012 :-)

If only my hair could look like that!

Studded Jeans...a must this summer if u ask me.

On my wishlist for ages...if only I'd have the money :-/

Get me some pasta this week!
Hey guys, unfortunately I forgot my camera at my grandma's house, which means I am currently not able to shoot any outfit pics as I do not like to take any by cellphone (the quality and stuff...u know!)....Anyways, hopefully I'll get a hold of my cam by Sunday, when my Mum comes by to visit me in Vienna. We'll go for some Running Sushi, something I haven't had for way to long if u ask me. I can't wait!
So until I am able to get u some outfit pics etc. I will provide you with some inspirational stuff from my favourite fashion tumblrs. You can see more here and here.
Have a lovely weekend y'all and thanks for reading my Blog. I appreciate it <3

xx, V.


  1. I love inspiration posts like these - the third image is just amazing! I love the colours and the floral headband :) I'm your newest follower, although my GFC picture hasn't come up so I'm at the bottom of the idea why!

    Love Ellen xx

    1. Hey Ellen :-)
      Yes that flower headband pic is amazing! And thanks for following my Blog, i really appreciate it.

      Love, V.