Friday, July 20, 2012

Tattoo Lover

I loooove Tattoos. I mean, not like all over the body, but a few, I just think it looks fierce. Plus, a tattoo usually is superpersonal, often it is even unique.
Though I have to admit, tattoos do not always come with a superspecial philosophical meaning and I think thats ok as long as you like it. I, for example, have a pink bow on my hips, which of course does not contain some extraspecial meaning but I always wanted a bow tattoo. Plus, I'll always connect it to a superfun afternoon that I shared with one my gals, Nana, at the Tattoo Studio, when she herself spontaneously got a quote from Shakespeare tattooed ("Journeys end in Lovers meeting"). This tattoo is my third one and I intend on having one final one, maybe next year. A quote as well. So there you go, my tattoo:

The Original, got it from

The Tattoo <3

Love, V.

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