Tuesday, July 17, 2012

School's out, PUNK!

A few weeks ago I bought some colored hairspray just to try out how my hair would look like if it were dip dyed. And I have to say I really like the result. It definitely is a fun look, though it really dries out your hair I guess. The good thing is, it can be washed out. Therefore, one can try as many colors as they like which will be exactly what I be doing. I got my pink hair color from ASOS and I am thinking of buying a gold one and maybe some orange. Or even blue. Anyways, I took my hair out today but as soon as it started raining I had to head back into the house cuz I was afraid the color would come off on my beloved "Cheap Monday"-Sweater. I am thinking of visiting Hanover tomorrow or on thursday to take a look at Primark and Gina Tricot, as we don't have these stores in Vienna. So a few more days in Germany before we head back to Austria. Can't wait to get back to Vienna, get a big cup of frozen yoghurt and take a long stroll through the city. The weather will hopefully be better as well. If there's one thing I don't like it's rain!
xx, V.


  1. Schön sieht es aus! Steh'n dir echt gut die roten Spitzen! Hast du gehört, dass im Herbst ein COS in Wien aufmachen soll? Mal was neues! Aber es stimmt, Gina Tricot fehlt echt!
    Folge deinem Blog, hast du Lust meinem zu folgen? :)

  2. Your Style is so awesome! I am loving your bag and hair!

    <3 marielley