Monday, July 16, 2012

My Foundation Routine

So here's my complete foundation routine. All the products I use and why I use them:

1. MAC Prep and Prime Face Primer: Especially when my foundation needs to last for quite some time or when I am in heated areas such as a Club I religiously use this primer as I believe it really does help my foundation stay in place. Plus, when I use a heavier foundation (like Estee Lauders' "Double Wear") it makes it look more natural and less cakey!

2. Clinique Even Better Foundation: I can't stress enough how much I love this! After I've suffered from really severe acne which left me with tons of scars around my chin area this comes as a savior! It helps reducing discoloration on my face while at the same time gives good coverage and a perfectly natural, pretty finish. Almost a relief after years of using my heavy Estee Lauder Foundation which I really recommend for strong coverage for severe acne!

3. Catrice Concealer Palette: I've been using this for ages. Just recently I've bought like the fifth one? I think it gets the job done perfectly, gives you quite some variation for when your more tanned like in summer or more pale during colder times and it stays put on your face. Who says you always need MAC, right?!

4. Clinique Stay Matte Powder: My friend Nina uses this powder as well and I have a couple years ago and recently I started using it again with no idea why I ever stopped. It mattyfies without looking cakey at all and has slight coverage. Just the perfect finishing and touch up powder. And the best part: They now have a color that is said to be suitable to all skin tones :-)

5. Benefit Sugarbomb Blush: My holy-grail Blush. When nothing else works this always does the job. It looks supercute and it is almost impossible to put on too much. In addition, the gold color in it works perfectly as a highlighter. During summer, when you're tan, this is godsent! I swear :) Plus it smells heavenly...

6. MAC Fix +/Evian Facial Spray: When its hot outside I tend to use Evian facial spray, during Wintertime I prefer Fix +. Either way, I could never go without a facial spray as it really does make a difference in the appearance of your foundation and its lasting power :)

What products do you use? Any recommendation?

xoxo, V.


  1. Das klingt alles sehr gut! Da muss ich wohl mal die Preise abchecken und schauen ob ich mir auch etwas von deinen Produkten zulege. :) Ich benutze zurzeit eine Foundation von P2, sie ist okay, aber ich bin immer auf der suche nach etwas besserem. Mein Lieblingsrouge ist von Alverde. Du siehst, ich bin eher im Low-Price Segment :D

    Tolles Review, V.

    1. Hmm also eig bin ich nur bei meiner Foundation so großzügig ^^ Da ich mal furchtbar unter Akne gelitten habe, bin ich bei Make-up sehr vorsichtig und Clinique kann ich echt empfehlen! Das Benefit Rouge hab ich vor 2 Jahren in Kanada zum Spottpreis gekauft (bei uns kostet das ja ein Vermögen) und gottseidank sieht es so aus als würde es mir noch 2 Jahre erhalten bleiben ^^ Und der Clinique Puder war ja gottseidank ein Geschenk von meiner Mama zum bestandenen Bachelor ^^ Haha, da muss ich immer jede Gelegenheit nützen und mich beschenken lassen! Aber die Alverde Rouges möchte ich auch mal probieren. Naturkosmetik kann bestimmt nicht schaden :-)