Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Bucket List

Today I had lunch with my girl Nina and we came up with the idea to write down all the things we still want to do in life but haven't gotten the chance to actually do them, just so that we don't miss anything and can make plans for the foreseeable future.

source: google.com

Instantly I had tons of ideas what I wanna do and here are a few things from my list:

- Learn how to surf and then go surfing in South Africa
- Attend Coachella/Balaton Sound Festival
- Learn Italian
- Overcome my fear of Spiders
- Own a Vespa
- See the Rolling Stones and the Backstreet Boys (hell yeah!) live in concert
- Do Hatha Yoga
- Learn how to make Sushi
- Write a book
- Be part of an awesome Road trip
- Learn how to play "Stairway to heaven" on guitar
- Finish a marathon
- Watch the Circe du Soleil
- Attend Carnival in Rio
- Try at least 100 different cocktails
- Vacation in Ibiza

These are just a few of the many many things I want to do in life. My list is way longer and I am sure it will get longer by the time :-)
What things do you guys have on your Bucket List?

xx, V.


  1. Urlaub am Meer, fließend polnisch lernen, auf ein Lady Gaga Konzert gehen :D und im Lotto gewinnen.



  2. My bucket list is very similar to yours:) Great idea for a post. I am loving your blog and I have looked at all you posts. Thank you for following me, I am now following you back and I look forward to your next post!