Monday, May 13, 2013

A food project...

So today I decide to dedicate a post entirely to food. I generally consider myself someone who is on the "rather" healthy side of eating but I am definitely not a friend of dieting in any form. Food is just to delicious to starve myself nor do you actually get healthy and thin from not eating. More like the other way around, the less you eat the fatter you will eventually end up unless you die of starvation since our metabolism can only take so much. Nonetheless, I do think that I tend to stuff myself with a lot of carbs, especially empty carbs throughout the course of a week which probably also stems from typical Austrian eating habits. We eat our bread in the morning and often in the evening, we love noodles and rice as side dishes, cake, etc. Yesterday I skyped with my mum since it was mother's day and she actually told me that her dietician who is overseeing her life long diabetes disease recommend her to signficantly cut down on carbs and not have them with every meal of the day since its above all carbs that make us bigger. At this point I do have to say my mum does not have diabetes type 2 which most often comes from unhealthy eating habits but she's stuck with the disease since childhood where she was an athlete. So today while I was killing a bag of chips I decided to do a little one week project to cut down on carbs since I usually incorporate them in most of my meals throughout a day. So the verdict is, to cut down overall on carbs though I definitely won't exclude them entirely. Note again, I am not doing a complete low carb diet. I just love my carbs too much and most low-carb products, especially bread, taste like shit and are stuffed with gluten which aren't too healthy for me either. So starting from tomorrow I will try to eat less carbs than usual for at least 6 days. And so I made up an eating plan (also to make sure non of my ingredients spoil since food costs in Sweden are massive!) and in case some of you are interested in recipes, just let me know. Here's what I'll be eating throughout this week:

Breakfast: 1 glass of lemon water, 1 cup of black coffee and 1 bowl of greek yoghurt with a few strawberries & cinnamon
Lunch: Greek Salad with Vinegar/Olive oil dressing
Afternoon Snack: Peanut butter with Apple slices
Dinner: Wholegrain bread with ham

Breakfast: 1 glass of lemon water, 1 cup black coffee, 1 bowl of greek yoghurt with a handful strawberries & cinnamon
Lunch: Low-carb asian glass noodles with Thai Red curry chicken
Afternoon Snack: Apple with nuts
Dinner: Salad leftovers from the day before

Breakfast: 1 glass of lemon water, 1 cup of black coffee, 1 slice of wholegrain bread with peanut butter and sliced vegetables
Lunch: Thai Red Curry Chicken leftovers
Afternoon Snack: Almonds
Dinner: I am invited out for dinner at a restaurant :-)

Breakfast: 1 glass of lemon water, 1 cup black coffee, Egg omelet with sauted mushrooms and cheese
Lunch: Thyme chicken breast with green Asparagus, simple green salad as side dish
Afternoon Snack: Peanut butter with veggie stripes
Dinner: Greek yoghurt cucumber salad

Breakfast: 1 glass of lemon water, 1 cup black coffee, wholegrain bread with ham and 1 boiled egg
Lunch: Grilled chicken breast with steamed vegetables and Parmesan mashed potatoes
Afternoon Snack: Apple puree with almonds
Dinner: Vegetable soup

Breakfast: 1 glass of lemon water, 1 cup black coffee, egg omelet with mushrooms and tomatoes
Lunch: Glutenfree Pizza Pita (found one here that is smaller in size and has a bit less carbs) with tomatosauce, goat cheese, paprika and olives
Afternoon Snack: Kiwi
Dinner: grilled veggies with garlic and herbs

Breakfast: 1 glass of lemon water, 1 cup black coffee, greek yoghurt with strawberries and cinnamon
Lunch: Tuna Sandwich with Salad as side dish
Afternoon snack: granola bar
Dinner: Greek cucumber salad

I will keep you updated if I feel any different from cutting back on a few carbs overall and if I actually manage to stick to the plan. Again I want to enforce that this is not some sort of diet, not even an actual low carb diet. I will still continue to eat chocolate, occasionaly candy (do not have the sweetest tooth though) or pizza and burger if I feel like it. Life's too short to keep me from eating all this yummy stuff  :-D

xx, V


  1. love this! shll we follow? let me know XSE

  2. Das sieht alles sehr gesund aus, aber so richtig viele Kohlenhydrate lässt Du nicht aus.
    Obst hat sehr viel KH und glutenfrei heißt nich KH frei

    1. Hey D, danke für das Feedback. Allerdings betone ich ja auch im Text dass ich keine Low Carb Diät oder ähnliches mache sondern lediglich versuche für meine Verhältnisse weniger KH zu essen. Und klar hat Obst Kohlenhydrate, aber Erdbeeren und Äpfel halten sich da meines Erachtens nach noch in Grenzen. Gleiches gilt auch für Kartoffeln :-) Und ja, glutenfrei ist nicht KH frei da hast du vollkommen recht, das war im Text auch eher schlecht ausgedrückt von mir da ich einen glutenfreien Pizzateig gefunden habe der einfach weniger KH hat als die normale Alternative aber natürlich auch nicht Low Carb :) Trotzdem danke für die Kritik!

    2. Hi Viktoria,
      sorry, das sollte keinen falls als Kritik rueber kommen....nur als Tipp. Ich selber lebe seit letzten Mai mehr oder weniger KH frei bzw low carb.
      Ich habe ca. ein halbes Jahr eine Low Carb Diaet gemacht und um die 20kg abgenommen. Seit dem halte ich mein Gewicht und esse so wenig KH wie moeglich. Vor allem abends ist es eine gute Idee auf KH zu verzichten.
      Bevor ich angefangen habe low carb zu leben habe ich gedacht, dass ich ohne mein geliebtes Brot und Nudeln nicht leben koennte, aber es ist viel einfacher als man denkt.
      Es lebt sich prima und es ist eine einfache Variante um Gewicht zu verlieren. Schliesslich muss man keine Kalorien zaehlen oder aehnliches.
      Hoffe Du berichtest wie Du mit Deinem neuen Ernaehrungsplan zu recht kommst :-)

    3. Hej, vielen Dank für deinen Post! Ich denke auch dass es sich generell wohl gesünder lebt wenn man weniger KH isst. Da in meiner Familie immer viel davon gegessen wurde fällt es mir natürlich schwer da einfach so von heute auf morgen zu verzichten :) Aber es ist auf jeden Fall sehr motivierend zu hören dass es dir damit besser geht. Nach dieser Woche werde ich mal ein Update posten!

  3. Wow! I love this post

  4. I like this post. Was thinking of starting a similar diet and exercise program. You go girl :)

  5. oh wow good on you for doing all that! sounds like it would be worth it :)


  6. Love this post <3


  7. Nice post! :) so useful!

  8. really great post, I am always so interested in what other people do to be healthy! really inspirational!
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  9. Wow that is amazing! Good for you, keep up the great work!

  10. just what I need thanks so much. I printed and im gonna start on this ASAP. I need to start eating better too
    Delightful Ideas