Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blown away!

Jeez the weather is really not nice right now...rather cold and extremely windy! I think the picture above describes my way of dressing perfectly...yes, this is my winter coat. The pic was actually taken like 2 weeks ago by my roommate with her cell when we where taking a Sunday walk to get the much hated alcohol out of our system (hence the former brown hair!). Anyways, I'd need my coat right now as well if I could dare to actually go outside...luckily for me (irony!)...I have to finish an exam this week, prepare a presentation for Monday and start reading that goddamn book for my exam next week :-O

Das Wetter ist im Moment echt beschissen, Regen, kalter und sehr starker Wind und kaum Sonne...daher passt das 2 Wochen alte Foto ganz gut. Immerhin müsste ich jetzt auch meinen MANTEL tragen wenn ich es wagen würde einen Fuß vor die Tür zu setzen..."glücklicherweise" bin ich diese Woche und auch nächste mit Arbeit eingedeckt da Prüfungswochen anstehen sowie die Abgabe diverser Arbeiten und Präsentationen...jaja, das liebe Studentenleben! Back to Business :-O

xx, V


  1. Oh girl, I really like your blog and your style! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know on my blog! xx

  2. Your look is simple but very chic!! Thank you for visiting my blog!! :)

  3. you look great! really like it! ;)

    kisses Violet