Saturday, September 22, 2012

Anna Dello Russo for H&M

It's this time of the year again...where H&M launches a celebrity collection. This time, though, it wont incorporate any clothes but rather Accessoires, designed by the lovely Anna Dello Russo who just happens to be Head of the Japanes Vogue as well. While her stlye might not be everybodys' cup of tea I happen to adore Anna for always staying true to her style and doing it ever so charmingly :-)
So here are my favorites of the collection (it hits the stores on October 4th!) and I am really eager to see the stuff in real life as I hope that it somehow turns out to be better than the usual H&M Quality:


Are you planning on snatching up something from this celebrity collection? And if so, what are u looking for?

xx, V

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  1. I got exactly what I was going to look for <3