Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to College

Yesterday was my first real lecture, in Swedish at that. And I have to say, even though there are similarities between Swedish and German it is way harder than expected :-D
Today we had a Fashion Design Workshop where we hat to put together and entire look in just 90 min. Talk about Project Runway huh! Unlikely for me I ended up being the model to present our look on "the runway". Must say it was quite entertaining and the different groups came up with really great ideas and looks considering the short amount of time we had! Tomorrow is my first lecture in Fashion Brand Management. I am really excited to see how that one goes :-)
So to close this Blog entry I choose Asher Roths' "I love college" because it totally fits my mood. Even though I do not earn shitloads of money I love being a student and getting to learn so much new stuff. And to finally be able to really do what I like makes it all the more special to me. I really appreciate it a lot that I am in a position where I can actually get the education I want!

xx, V


  1. Hey you,

    bin durch das Glamour Forum auf deinen Blog aufmerksam geworden! Great Style, greate Blog!

    alles Liebe


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  3. nice outfit agian ! xx anouk

    1. love the pictures vic ;)
      aaaand for something else: 7 = sjuuuuu!