Friday, September 21, 2012

Feathers and Flowers

Bought these earrings when I was out shopping with my girl Nina this summer but apparently never really wore them. Dunno why but somehow over the years I developed this love/hate relationship with earrings. I just love them.....just not on me. For some reason I mostly feel uncomfortable with earrings unless they're hoop ones. Probably the reason why I have gazillion bracelets and rings and almost no earrings haha
Anyways, since these are kind of showstoppers I kept my outfit rather simple and just added a pop of color with my beloved Lanvon for H&M bag. It's one of the few items in H&M designer collections that was not overpriced and ugly/cheap looking. I still have the Box back at home at my apartment in Vienna and I love it dearly :-) So seems the weekend is ahead of us girls...what are you're plans? I am hoping to attend some parties and get university stuff done....

xx, V

Ps.: I cut my bangs now...dunno if we can call it a successfull undertaking :-D


  1. Hi!
    You have great blog! Very inspiring!
    I'm your new follower, do you wanna follow each other?:)

  2. Hey! Finde das Outfit süß. Die roten haare stehen dir echt super. Sieht toll aus! Bin gespannt wie Du jetzt aussiehst :)

  3. Love the look, V!! hahaha, I need to check out your blog more often, I missed all your cool outfits lately. from now on you are bookmarked!!


  4. tolles Outfit Liebes, deine Haarfarbe ist ja mal voll schön, welche Farbe benutzt du denn?