Friday, September 28, 2012

Endless: ZARA Wishlist

Oh my oh my....I feel like ZARA is designing just for myself at the moment. J'adore!
This Fur Vest is divine and I left all mine in Vienna!

Looks like Stella McCartny so of course I love it!

Probably the only proper way for my to go for military print. Plus I live for sweatpants! HA!

Have a similar, fury inside, one...but hey, one needs options haha

This has to be about the fiercest coat I have seen in a loooooooong time!

Pencil skirt is a basic. Plus it comes in leather. And I have neither of the above. Purchase justified right?!

It has leather, it has studs....I love it...duh!

OMG this would go with EVERY frikkin pant in my closet and again...LEATHER!!! Obsession guys!

Favourite color-combo and the cut is impeccable. Come to MAMA!

Looks futuristic. Looks superexpensive. Looks fierce. Do I have to go on...


Apparently, I do love print...sometimes haha

This skirt is so gorgeous and I could totally see myself in that on New Years Eve!

Believe it or not but I am currently hunting for a bag like that right now cuz it so happens that I do NOT have a big, black bag! And Girl needs one. Period.

Divine! Enough said.

Diviner...haha I desperately want them!

Gorgeous! I will never have enough skirts. Fact!

Fun Fact: Ordered these. They fit. I loved them. Decided to be a moron and returned them brokenhearted. WHY?!

Not a fan of peplum but you know...what is a rule without an exception!?

Clean and simple just how I love it!

I need Brogues. There...reason enough right!?

All pics courtesy of

Now all I have to do is get my hands on some moneygrowing tree or win the lottery...nothing easier than that right?! Oh ZARA what are you doing to me!!!!
What are your favourites?

xx, V


  1. Oh my,... I also have an endless Zara wish list, it is just unbelievable... If you ever find a way to grow a money tree I would be glad to join you harvesting them ;-)

    1. Haha I'll let u know and then we can shop together :-)

  2. wooow, i want, neeed, that grey sweather!! why dont we have a zara close by?!?!

  3. Zhe first bag is impeccable! Lovely collection. Especially the skirts!!!