Thursday, September 6, 2012

New In: Jimmy Choo and Juicy Couture


Recently I kind of ran out of Perfume so I thought it was justified to spend some money and treat myself to some new fragrances. And you know, I girl can never just live with only one perfume right?! At least not in my book. I like to mix things up, wear different scents during day/nighttime etc. And since I unfortunately ran out of my beloved "Chloé" and Marc Jacobs "Daisy" I was basically forced to got out and stock up on scents. Additionally I like to wear different stuff during fall/winter than I do in summertime. While doing so I thought "Why not try something new?". Some of you who are familiar with my old Blog know that I kind of loved the Jimmy Choo scent and I was always walking round in Beauty stores, spraying myself top to bottom and thinking how heavenly I scent. I think Jimmy Choo is a perfect day to day scent as I perceive it as rather powdery and fresh with hints of flowers. It is definitely not an overpowering sweet scent. I really love it a lot!
When my parents drove me to Sweden, my mom bought me the Juicy Couture one. I wasn't instantly drawn to the perfume because I was sure it would be overly sweet and chemical smelling-wise but I was so wrong. I guess one should never judge a scent bottle by its cover haha. The base notes do contain scents such as caramel, amber and vanilla which make it definitely sweeter as the Jimmy Choo one but not overly so and not in an annoying fashion. For me, it could be related to Pradas' "Candy" which I deerly love but couldn't find here in Sweden. Its head notes are rather fresh like Jasmine and wild berries and I think this one also makes a good daytime scent but is also really suitable for nighttime. I think it is a very feminie scent and I am soooo happy that I randomly tried this one on the shop of the Cruise to Gothenburg. Thanks to my mommy at this point for being the great mom you are and buying this for me (since it is rather pricey!).

What scents do you currently wear? Any recommendation?

xx, V

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