Friday, September 14, 2012

Green Out

 3 weeks in Sweden and I am already sick. Booohoooo. I guess I just need to adjust to the ever rainy weather and the fact that you better always bring a warm jacket cuz warm temperatures and sunshine in the morning do not automatically mean the same during lunchtime or the afternoon :-)
Nonetheless I really like it here. I love all my teachers so far and the fact that with all the assignments we can really be creative and are basically forced to think outside the box and challenge ourselves. I mean, I am always up for a challenge and I love fashion. So the combination of these two is a match made in heaven haha Talking about challenges. I got my IKEA furniture yesterday and boy my hands weren't to happy. Blisters and bruises all over my right hand from assembling my bookshelf and my desk. But now that I got everything fixed I am beyond happy cuz before I felt like my room is messy 24/7 and not organised at all.
So what's the plan for my weekend: First things first...get completely healthy (duh!). Today my roomie Sandra and I want to check out some sort of Flea Market in the citycenter of Borås. I love Flea markets so I am eager to find out what they have though I probably shouldn't spend to much as I ordered 2 books from Amazon yesterday (hey, a fashionista's gotta read right?!) and some shoes (fierce in every way!) and a watch from ASOS since they had thos 25% off of everything it's justified right?! And in addition I spent on my IKEA furniture and tons of books for my university lectures. Life's not for free I tell ya. But I think I was a very well-behaving girl the last months, not overly shopping (rather checking out sales and second hand) so I guess it's ok. Or at least I try to make myself believe that HA!

Have a nice weekend girls and lots of love...

xx, V