Tuesday, September 4, 2012

In the mix

Hej girls,
just some new outfit pics for the day! To get into swedish mood I splurged a bit and bought myself this pair of fierce "leatherjeans" from the swedish onlineshop Nelly before I left for Sweden. And they were on sale, so I guess it is justified ha! The weather here is really confusing, you have rain and cold wind as well as bright sunshine all in the same day. Almost like typical April weather in my homecountry Austria! And unlike back home, the weather forecasts here are not useful. At all. Had to learn this the hard way today when I wanted to bike to university but the weather was so bad (even though the forecast said otherwise!) and so I had to walk with my shitty H&M umbrella (they might look nice, but they suck ass)...Anyways, I had my first swedish lessons today and I can already tell that I will have a hard time learning the accent haha Somehow I always end up talking like a native french LOLz and I don't even know why. But hey, I am still eager to learn the language, especially since I am considering changing my 1-year Master into a 2-year one :-)

Have a lovely week filled with joy.

xx, V

Ps.: How do u guys like my red hair? I kinda like it actually :-)


  1. Love the blue, green and red all mixed together :D

    love, mamabear ;)

  2. sehr cooles Outfit. Das rote Haar steht dir sehr gut :))

  3. i love that outfit it realy suits you xx anouk www.rockthiscocostyle.com

  4. i just bought a pair similar but they didn't fit quite right so i have to return :( love your hair, we sort of match ;D


  5. Das Outfit ist so cool :) Sehr schöne Sachen und ich liebe deine roten Haare