Wednesday, November 21, 2012

50 shades of Grey 2.0

OMG I really need a haircut haha My fringe is way too long! And those fried ends...thank you very much ombre hair! Anyways, shot these pics and thankfully we were spared from the usual rain here. I still have to figure out why on earth it rains that much here and how it is possible that we are still not living on boats?! At this point I'd even rather have 1m of snow than any rain. Like seriously! So I am thinking of going to either Gothenburg or Stockholm this weekend. Then again, I'll be in Stockholm next weekend for a fieldtrip that is paid for by university (hurrrayyyy!) and of course on New Year celebrating with my girl Nina :-)
Haha but apart from that I am drowning in school work. So many books to read, reports to write, projects to finish. The weeks leading up to Xmas are going to be nothing less than INTENSE! But I like to be challenged and I most certainly like to be occupied. And hey, those are fashion related assignments so they are at least interesting and fun to work with :-)

xx, V


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