Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Welcome to the 21st century

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Since my laptop slowly but surely is on death row and I kind of like to be able to surf the internet at all times, take notes without having to always carry notebooks for different classes with me and I sometimes find myself bored and lusting for "entertainment" I got myself an early Xmas present: A tablet! Whoop whoop. And since I am an avid non-supporter of the "overpriced no real value for money" APPLE fraction I decided to get myself a tablet for a decent price with the same exact functions as an Apple tablet but with Android. And so I ended up buying the Prestigio multipad 5080 pro in 8.4 inches and I do not regret it, AT ALL!!!
This little device has been accompanying me to all kinds of university lectures and it is just so useful. Its kind of a lovechild between a notebook and a smart phone and is just so handy. I can read Ebooks, surf the internet, have an office program, can skype, listen to music, watch movies, write emails and play games. I just love it! And the pad also came with a very fierce black/red tablet case! In addition the battery last for 9 hours straight if you constantly (!) use it. That means that you can practically go for 2 days (or even more) if you don't play with it 24/7! And I didn't  have to pay the ridiculous 500€ that Apple demands but a mere 170€ incl. delivery charges. Take that Apple!!!

xx, V


  1. nice post! something not fashion again.
    hope you ll flw us to.

  2. Like your outfit!
    The poncho is so nice!