Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tiger of Sweden

Well, I like this Sweater....a lot! So why not wearing it again?! :-)

 Well well well....the horrendous week is over. All presentations done. All exams written. Parties partied....and Sunday is almost over :-)
What a week u guys. And finally some time again for shooting pictures and goofing around with my girl Sandy! Friday we went out or should I say we had a ton of people at our apartment beforehand. It was a blast. I always love it when u just have people over, hang, talk, make fun and most importantly make plans. That being, me and my girls Natalia and Daphne decided we would visit Russia next year, Natalias homecountry. I've always had a soft spot for Russia, its culture, the people. It's just an amazing country and hey, if you have someone who knows the language and all the "insider" things haha then it makes travelling even easier. I also hope to get to Oslo at the beginning of the next year. I mean it is, after all, just a 4 hour train ride away. So I would be downright stupid not to cease this opportunity. Plus, Norway is a pretty awesome country as well (only have to pay shizz of money for that awesomeness!). New Years I'll be in Stockholm (with my bestie Nina) and sometime next year I also have to find time to visit my beloved hometown Vienna again. I miss it so much. The food, my friends, the feisty clubs where u don't have to get in line for an hour and most importantly, NOTHING closes before at least 4 or 5 am in the morning. Something I think the Swedes should take knowledge off since we always get kicked out the clubs here when it is most fun!
So in this post I wear my favourite new-ish sweater from Gina Tricot. Since I could a) rather not afford the KENZO Tiger Sweater and b) it is impossible to get a hold of it anyways (unless you want to pay 3 times the original price on EBAY!) ...I was superthrilled when I found this one for aroung 28€! It is fake-worn off with little holes etc. but that gives it that extra bit of personality if you ask me. Plus, it is sooo warm and cozy. Exactly what I need in that freezing Sweden :-)

xx, V


  1. I definitely love the sweater!
    You combine it great with the leather skirt.

    xoxo The Daily Fashion Drug