Saturday, November 24, 2012


So just a regular rainy day what?! Oh gosh I tell you guys time is flying by so fast! In just about 2 weeks I am going to see my lovely family again, playing with my little sisters and brothers, baking Xmas biscuits with my mum (though I probably focus more on eating rather than making them LOLz), lying around on the couch, going nuts at the Zara christmas sale, meeting friends.....ahhhh good times I tell ya! But until then it's work, work, work! Next Friday I have a fieldtrip to Stockholm. Kind of nice to be able to check out the city beforehand since I will spend New Years Eve over there. So far I've heard only nice things about the city and I am sure it won't dissapoint. And hey, every place where it only rains half as much as here is already a winner in my book haha So today I wore one of my favourite Leo dresses (Zara duh!) but with a Sweater on top as well as my beloved Forever 21 sheepfur vest. And to sum it up, lots of jewelry since my motto is "more is more" which is why I look like a christmas tree 24/7 and of course my bright gold clutch from Asos. The boots you've already seen a lot. I just love them. Very comfy and very cool. I definitely have to check out Disnko once I am in Stockholm. They have majorly fierce shoes for really good prices :-)
Jajajajjaaja, shopping!!!

I wish everyone a lovely weekend, V


  1. gorgeous outfit, so pretty!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  2. Really lovely outfit, you look nice and warm too! x

  3. Your shoes are gorgeous!!!!
    Where did you get them? I would like to have some shoes like yours for my new coated jeans from zara...

    Greetings, Jennie

  4. ZARA <3 duuh!! hahaha, love our Zara obsession. BTW got some shopping done there this weekend, yeayy!

  5. Lovely look! :)

    (also follow me on instagram: @FEMKEHHA)

  6. love your blog and your beautiful outfits. your style is awesome! i`m a new follower! :)