Friday, November 30, 2012

Sexy back...

Lately I've been obsessing over dresses that have...well, a sexy back haha You know, that are either open or have some sort of jewelry or embellishment in the back. I guess one of the reasons is that I still don't have an outfit for new years eve and this year I want it to be somewhat more spectacular than the last know, the perfect mixture between sexy and sophisticated and somewhat special. But that is harder than imagined since I am usually not the biggest fan of glittery/bright/eye-catching dresses as black and simple is usually my credo when picking know, something that I can also wear on other occassions. And even so, my "party"outfits always end up somewhat casual since I like to feel comfy when out dancing. Which might also be the reason why I always find myself in front of the closet lamenting that I don't have anything to wear when picking outfits for a night out. So yeah, for the next weeks I am on a mission to find the perfect partydress. We'll see how successful I'll be. Until then, I can always look at those pictures and dream HA!
What are you going to wear on New Years Eve?

xx, V

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  1. bin gespannt was Du findest. habe mir noch keine Gedanken gemacht, wird aber Zeit....