Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why so serious?!

To quote the Joker himself :-) This shoot started out with all kinds of serious pics with attitude but since I love to just goof around (you should see my collection of funny pics!)... it ended with me just doing all kinds of weird faces haha I guess now that exams are over and I have a bit of room to breath again, I kinda like letting loose and not be so serious/aka professional all the time. I mean, most of the time in life people expect you to behave in a certain kind of way, to "be" like they want you to be and to be serious and basically stop with all the bullshit since - ya know - I am all grown up now....naaaahhh! Whatever age I might be, I will never fully grow up because growing up most often means fitting in with the crowd and giving in to the standard for the sake of being taken serious. But u know what, life's too short to always pretend you're serious and fun is just for the kids. Plus, the older we get, the lesser fantasy and dreams we often tend to have....I mean, I once was this bright kid with the wildest of fantasies and imaginery, heck, I even created my own fictional worlds and pretended to be whatever character that just popped into my head, whether it was some fancy opera singer (yeah...I had a thing for Maria Kallas and her fancy dresses at the age of 7!) or a police woman haha One is never to old to be imaginery or have dreams! So I really like to stress that sometimes, no matter what age, you should just let loose and behave as stupid and "childish" as you can......because being childish is not always as bad as it is made out to be ;-)
That being said, I hope you all have a fun filled and entertaining week even if you might have to work and Friday is practically around the corner!

Love y'all, V


  1. You are really sweet ;) Love these photos !! Great outfit, I love the jacket the shoes and the sweater !!

    Nice blog

    Bisous from FRANCE

  2. you look really amazing, love your outfit!
    That tshirt is awesome! :)