Friday, November 16, 2012

The retarded Leg!

Well well...Lord knows I sometimes have my moments where I am so clumsy that the stupidest things happen to me. That being said, I hurt my leg...or better said my big toe, when doing a pedicure. You might wonder how one can do that?! Well, I have those really pointy and sharp scissors and I slipped and BAM! I cut my toe. And luckily as I am, it got infected and now I barely fit into my shoes since said toe shines in all the colors of the rainbow in all its swollen glory and hence, the retarded walk haha So girls, the photoshoot the other day was a hard piece of work since I wasn't my usual energetic self as I could barely move and my leg hurt so badly...guess that's the hardship of being a Blogger LOLz anyways, I am seriously considering leaving the house in my Minnie Mouse Home slippers/boots since those are practically the only ones that really fit me right now haha Talk about a fashion revolution, I could try to make this a trend haha :-D
Anyways, the gist of this story: I won't be doing my pedicure on my own anytime soon again or I need to at least get more me-friendly scissors ^^

xx, V

ps.: Full outfit post coming at ya tomorrow!


  1. Yay! The retarded foot brings out your strenghts!!!

    xoxo Gozika

  2. Man das ist ja echt doof gelaufen Haha. Gute Besserung meine liebe!!!