Thursday, November 29, 2012

Flower Power ftw!

It feels kind of odd that now that winter is practically around the corner (sorry Boras but rain and wind does not qualify as winter!)..I find myself wearing kind of springy-ish clothing. You know, pastels like in the last post and now this flower shirt. I guess the crazy weather results in crazy dressing haha
Anyways, was shopping with my roomie today for some supermega awesome xmas presents...they have this amazing store here with the coolest and most gimmicky stuff for your home and I ended up buying some really cool stuff for my girl Nina. I just love buying christmas presents for others and I always somewhat end up making a science out of it...but I really enjoy it more giving presents to others and seeing their faces than actually gettin' some myself (not that I mind though haha!). So well, at least I am one person down when it comes to presents...only like a million more to go! :-O
And time runs by so fast!!! What about you? Are you more of a earlybird at present shopping or last minute?

xx, V