Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A winter full of pastels

So what better way to enjoy a Sunday than in Candy Colors when everything outside just screams "grey"?! This is probably what you would find me in on Sundays, being outside. Of course, at home there is a strict sweatpants policy that I follow at all costs hehe Anyways, time passes and Christmas is approaching like superfast. But for some reason I ain't even close to being in Xmas mood. Even though the countdown to Christmas is on and the coming weekend will be what we call "2. Advent" back at home where u lit candles and eat biscuits. I guess, once I'll be with my mum - who has a habit of heavily supporting electricity companies by lighting up our house as if there were no tomorrow - the christmasey feeling will set in. At least I hope so. I mean if everything fails I can always eat tons of gingerbread, drink christmas tea and listen to that stupid Last Christmas song by The Wham that they always play each year until you want to crawl into your radio and bitchslap the DJ :-D haha
So what do you guys do to get in christmas mood?

xx, V


  1. Great outfit and your hair is pretty cool :D

  2. voll süße Bilder du siehst super darauf aus <3

  3. Liebe deine Schuhe! :)